This new emergency light needs only water to operate for 72 hours

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I recently reviewed the Eton Blackout Buddy, which is a combination night light, emergency pathway lighting, and flashlight in one compact unit.  It’s a great way to have a flashlight in your home with constantly charged batteries when you need one.  Eton’s new Blackout Buddy H2O is a perfect flashlight for your emergency kit in your car or your gear bag or bug-out bag, because Eton says the “rugged, environment-proof package means you can store it for up to 10 years without degradation.”  When you find yourself without light, you just open up the seal on the bottom of the Blackout Buddy H2O and dip it into a small cup of water to activate the battery.  The lights come on and stay on for 72 hours; if you find they are dimming, just set the Buddy in water to refresh the battery.  The light will continue to work in any weather, even if the Buddy is completely submerged. This Blackout Buddy H2O is a single-use emergency flashlight.  After it quits working, you can safely dispose of it without worry, because the magnesium-oxide battery has no mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, nor lead.  Eton‘s suggested retail price for the Blackout Buddy H2O is $9.99, but Amazon has a three-pack for under $24.

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