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I’m sure everyone has heard the terms “wearable computer” and “mobile computing”. But, how about the term Personal Area Network  (PAN)? Does that ring a bell? Probably not, but it should as PANs are what real mobile wearable computing should be. Ok, I can see the gears turning in your minds. You’re all picturing little …

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Q USB Hard Drive Review

Product Requirements: Desktop: Windows 98, 2000 (driver included on floppy) Mac OS 9.x (driver available via download) USB port Removable storage options such as the Iomega ZIP and Jazz drives have been popular for a while now. The ability to carry large chunks of data from computer to computer without needing a box of floppies …

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Palm V USB Hotsync + Charger Cable Review

Product Requirements: Device: Palm V/Vx Desktop: Windows 95/98/2000, Mac Do you know what I hate…? Running out of serial ports and AC outlets. Yeah, I know, that’s a crazy thing to hate. But when you have as many PDAs, gadgets and doohickeys as I do, it’s a major feat to find a free serial port …

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Web iWear Review

Product Requirements: Your nose, and a computer screen in front of it While Julie and I were at Comdex, we saw lots of interesting products that looked like they might add quality to our existences (I say that with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek). One of the more interesting products that we found …

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Satellite case by PDA Concepts Review

The Satellite case by PDA Concepts is a play-through case that will fit the following (but is not limited to) PDAs and mini notebook computers: Newton MP2000/2100 Libretto 20,30,50,70 HP620, 660LX HPC LG Phenom Ultra HPC See PDA Concepts compatibility page for a more comprehensive list of machines that will fit in this case. The …

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