incase Moya Deluxe Gearbag Review

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So you happen to love someone that is a Gadgeteer, and you know they have
been looking for a great way that they could tote all of their necessary
"stuff"? Well then, what are you waiting for? You should take a look at the
Moya Deluxe gearbag
by incase.

This bag is made out of fashionable black nylon, similar to that which Prada
uses – only without the little PRADA label, and the price tag – of
course! Instead, you get a very cool bag that looks and feels best when
worn bandolier style, with the strap crossing the chest and back.


When you first look at the Moya Deluxe, you might be fooled into thinking
that it is simply a deep bag with a big flap. Not so. The Moya is actually a
clever system of pockets and slots, designed to carry much and in the most
efficient manner possible.

Measuring 15" (38cm) tall x 9" (23cm) wide x 3" (7.6cm) thick, this bag
manages to keep a slim profile, yet it can hold an amazing amount of gear! I
managed to stuff one Kyocera 6035 Smartphone, an iPAQ 3835 in it’s Silver Slider
5 case, a Palm m505 in its Rhinoskin aluminum hard case, three gel pens, my ID &
a couple credit cards, my Sony DSC-P1 Cyber-Shot, a set of keys, lip-balm, cash
& loose change, both iPAQ and Kyocera car-chargers, my checkbook & sunglasses,
and an assortment of papers, receipts and other bric-a-brac into the bag with
room to spare
. Where did I put it all? Let’s take a look…

On the wide adjustable shoulder strap, there is a pocket for your cellular
phone. Yes, it was tight the first couple of times I inserted and removed
my phone, but now my 6035 slides right in and out. That’s a handy place to store
a phone that usually takes up a lot of primo gearbag real estate.


The interior of the Moya Deluxe is accessed by lifting up the long flap that
closes the front of the bag. Rrrrrrrriiiip!! Obviously this flap is
secured by Velcro! But odd as it may seem, with this particular style bag 
the Velcro actually looks stylish. How in the world is that possible?? But I digress…


Inside the bag, built into the flap, are a couple of handy items: built in
slots for three pens or full-size stylus replacements, and a three-tiered
section built to hold your ID and some business or credit cards. This section is also
secured with a small square of Velcro.


Looking at the main portion of the bag, you will see a 6.5" (16.5cm) pocket
in the front that is large enough to hold a regular sized paperback or thin
hard-back book, or even a PDA laying sideways. This is where I store my Palm
m505 (in its fitted
Rhinoskin Aluminum Hardcase
), and it is kept securely in place by the strategic placement of a circle of


Next we have the main body of the bag, a spacious cavern that is
actually large enough to carry a new Apple iBook. I will have to take the
manufacturer’s word on that, as I don’t have one to test the claim with.
Unfortunately, I won’t ever be able to fit my monster-sized Gateway in
there – but that’s quite all right! ;0) In any case, this is the area where I
store my digital camera, lip balm, car chargers, my checkbook, and whatever else
I decide I might not be able to resist carrying – like a small bag of Cape Cod salt &
vinegar potato chips – YUM!


On the inside of this compartment, there are two pockets sewn into the outer
wall. I should also mention that not only is this entire "wall" covered in a
soft nappy fabric, it is also padded to protect the PDA that you can store in
the wider of the two pockets. This is where I put my iPAQ 3835 in the Silver
Slider 5 – it fits as it were custom-made to be held there. The narrower
pocket next to my iPAQ is where my sunglasses go – and conveniently enough – the
nappy fabric is right there against my lenses, protecting them.


The back wall of the main compartment has a zippered nylon pouch hanging from
the top. This is a perfect place to keep some dollar bills, loose change, and
anything else that is small and easy to lose. Right next to this hanging pouch
is a very handy feature – a large plastic snap to hold a key ring. Needless to
say, that’s where mine go.

Think we’re finished? Not quite! The left side of the Moya features a halfway
hidden zipper which opens and closes a compartment that measures as tall and
wide as the bag itself. This is a very handy area to hide secret things you would
rather not loose, such as receipts and other paperwork. So that is where I put


As if all of that were not enough, there is a thick padded mesh-pocket on the
back side of the Moya Deluxe. This is a prefect place to store a portable CD
player but since I don’t have one, I just show you those same letters again –
they help demonstrate the slight see-through quality of the mesh.


Can you believe all of that room? Well, believe it, but don’t feel like you
have to give up comfort in order to carry all of this gear! Because the Moya
Deluxe has such a thick adjustable strap, you can carry all of this paraphernalia and more
– without the strap digging into your shoulder and cutting off your circulation.

I did mention that the strap was adjustable, correct? That means that
if you like to hold your gear close and tight, you can cinch up the bag until it
becomes a second skin – somewhere in the 32" range. If like me, you would rather
your bag hang way down around booty/hip level, then you can let the strap out
somewhere near
its max length of 52" (including the high sides of the gearbag) and the bag will
swing super-freely.

Can I think of any negatives regarding the Moya Deluxe? Only one, and that is
that it seems to be a little bit pricey for a black bag that isn’t leather. Of
course, when I first got it I told Julie that the only thing that would have
made me like it more would have been if it had come from the Louis Vuitton store
– to which she gave me an earful on how fugly and overpriced she thinks
those bags are! So obviously "how much" you are willing to pay for
anything is a personal decision, and the value of any item is always relative.

Anyway – this gearbag is a winner…UNLESS: you need a bag that can carry
your regular-sized laptop computer. If that’s the case, then we need to talk
about a whole different type of bag…. Otherwise, treat yourself and pick up
one of these Moya bags. I believe that you will be impressed. :0)

The incase Moya Deluxe gearbag is available from
Stylus Central and other fine

Price: $60


Oodles of pockets and padding
Hip design
Comfortable to wear
Animal friendly




Product Information

  • Oodles of pockets and padding
  • Hip design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Animal friendly
  • Expensive

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