Cross Digital Writer Duo Morph Pen Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch screen device

Are you ready to try something a little different? I have discovered a pen
that has a personality disorder…it can’t decide if it wants to be a pen or a
stylus, or whether it wants to be held with a thin grip or a fat rubberized

The Cross Morph
Digital Writer Duo
is about the funkiest stylus/pen combination that I have
ever seen, and you can get one from Stylus

Based on Cross’s popular Morph line, the looks of this pen are slightly

Why would you want to even consider such an attention-grabbing pen?

Simple – it writes like a dream, and you can customize the grip to fit your

Through some modern miracle of engineering, the same center band that you
twist to extend the pen’s tip, is also where you twist to change the size of
the Morph’s grip. Once you start twisting, these “ribs” will start to
appear, from inside the silicone cover. These ribs can get pretty large,
creating a comfortable triangular grip.

Check this out:

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This is what the grip looks like when it is at its smallest…

This is about mid-size…

This is the Morph fully extended. At this point, the silicone becomes
slightly translucent, and you can just about “see” the interior ribs –
it’s actually pretty freaky.

The pocket clip is also unique – it features a ball trapped in a cutout at
the bottom of the folded-up clip; right in keeping with the ultramodern looks of
the pen.

Don’t want to use the stock stylus located in your PDA’s silo? No
problem; flip the pen, and use the included stylus tip.

This tip is so smooth and rounded, I can’t imagine scratching a screen with
it. In any case, it writes equally well on a protected or unprotected screen.

I will tell you right now, that I really like this pen. The quality of the
Morph is superior; and it feels very pleasant in your hand. The barrel is smooth
aluminum, and it is cool to the touch. There is just enough rubbery silicone at
the end to feel cushy on your fingers. The way the grip expands should fit just
about anyone’s needs.

All of the attention is drawn to where your fingers will be when you are
using the writing tip of the Morph – this creates the only “con” that I
can find to this pen:

When you flip it to use the stylus end, it is obviously not as comfortable. I
don’t recommend writing for extended periods of time in this manner –
however, for quick look-ups, and entries, you should have no problem or

There is no way that I could get through this review without mentioning the
case that the Morph comes in – the word coffin comes to mind…J

The Morph that I was presented with for review is the quicksilver color. You
can also purchase this pen in red, blue or green

Price: $55.00 (Available in Silver, Red, Blue, & Green)

Futuristic styling, coupled with an adjustable grip
Stylus built in to top of pen
Writes like a dream

Not as comfortable when using the stylus end for extended periods
of time


Product Information

  • Futuristic styling, coupled with an adjustable grip
  • Stylus built in to top of pen
  • Writes like a dream
  • Not as comfortable when using the stylus end for extended periods
  • of time

4 thoughts on “Cross Digital Writer Duo Morph Pen Review”

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  2. Have you tried the case with the remote? I have this case as well, as well as an older 10gb model (same size as the 5gb)…and I can’t keep the remote connected. I think it’s related to the rattling problem you pointed out, which I have as well. Also, I cannot keep the connection between my Beyerydynamic dt990s and the ipod with this case. Same problem as the remote, it keeps cutting in and out.

    Otherwise, with smaller portable headphone cords, it works fine. However, I think they should have at least tested it with the iPod’s own remote.

    I still keep the case around though. I can’t use the Vaja iVod since they can’t confirm if it will fit older 10gb models. I use the Waterfield case for going out, and the Speck case around the house, and as a stand.

    Still searching for that perfect iPod case..

  3. No, I did not use the case with the remote, largely because the remote does not want to work about 95% of the time…I’d honestly forgotten all about it…

    If the problems are related to the size of the hole in the case, why not just widen the hole a little bit??? Get a drill bit that is larger than the hole and hand-turn it to widen the hole…but i am something of a DIY nut…

    I just tried my wife’s older 10 Gig in both the 10 and 20 Gig iVod cases. Seems to fit just fine in the 20 gig (you might want to use a little stick-on felt if it feels to loose) and the darned thing is corrently stuck in the 10 gig iVod (she is gonna kill me…).

    In short, will fit the 20 gig iVod, or will turn the 10 Gig iVod into a permenant skin…

    Hop this was helpful…

  4. Heh, I’m not the DIY type myself, but it is an annoying quirk, considering that the hole looks to be big enough. Neither my Grados, Beyers, nor the interconnects that I use to connect these cans to the ipod for use with a headphone amp work with this case. I hope the people from Speck are reading this. It seems either the hole needs to be a tad bigger, or the rattling problem needs to be solved.

    Of course, I don’t mean to sound so harsh about it. I use it almost daily, and it’s great as being a combo case/stand, which makes it very handy. 😀

    Thanks for letting me know about the iVod though. I think I’ll go with the 20gb version. 😀

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