Extreme Limit Casio EM500 Body Suit Review

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Product Requirements:
Casio EM-500 Pocket PC

Extreme Limit from Japan
manufactures a line of leather cases for notebook PCs and PDAs that they call
Body-Suits. I’ve reviewed several of their PDA Body-Suits in the past and now
have their Casio EM-500 Pocket PC case to review.

Like their other cases, the Body-Suits are not really ‘slipper’ type cases
but are more boxy in design. They are play through and do not require Velcro to hold
the PDA in place. This case comes in either a belt-clip or non belt-clip
version. The Casio EM-500 Body-Suit that I was sent to review is made of a very dark
gray smooth leather. They also have an embossed brown leather version.

The PDA slides into and out of the holder easily. The holder is made of thick
leather and has a velvet-like material lining the back of it. There are cut outs
for all the buttons and ports.

The joy pad and application button cut outs are sized just right. Even game
players will find that they can comfortably play games while the PDA is in this
case. The top of the case has an opening for the earphone and microphone so that
you can record voice memos or listen to audio via headphones even when the cover
is closed. You can also easily remove the stylus when the cover is closed or

The bottom of the case has a rectangular opening for the sync port so that
you can plug in the USB cable and sync to a PC without needing to remove the PDA
from the case. The bottom of the case also has two snaps which are used to hold
the screen cover closed. These snaps are pretty heavy duty and I don’t feel like
they would easily pop open on their own.

The left side of the case has a large cut out for the AC adapter connector,
power button, action wheel/button, and voice record button. Below that is also a
cut out for the IR port. The right side of the case has a metal D ring that you
can use to attach a hand strap (not included).

The back of the case has the metal belt-clip stud and a cut out for the reset
button. An embossed Extreme Limit logo is also stamped on the back of the

The screen cover portion of the case is quite stiff. I believe that it will
protect the screen against most bumps and knocks. On the inside of the cover
there are 2 business card slots. These slots are wide enough so that inserting
and removing cards is easy.

When you are using the case, you can either fold the screen cover all the way
back behind the case or you can just let it dangle over your hand (like a small
paper notebook) as you hold the PDA. The Body-Suit case does add some size to
the PDA so that holding it might not be comfortable for people with small hands.
With the case closed, the dimensions are: 3.5″ x  5.5″ x
1.25″ (89mm x 139mm x 32mm). I found it more comfortable to use the case
with the cover hanging over the back of my hand.

This case uses quality leather, has nice stitching and adequately protects
the PDA. Even though it does add some bulk, I still like it and have been using
it as my main EM-500 case.

Price: $43.45 Belt-clip version, $40.92 Non
Belt-clip version


All buttons / ports accessible
Can sync while in case

Adds bulk to the PDA


Product Information

Manufacturer:Extreme Limit
  • All buttons / ports accessible
  • Can sync while in case
  • Adds bulk to the PDA

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