This tiny box cutter doubles as a ultra basic multi-tool

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NEWS – What is the main function of your multi-tool? How many of you answered “opening boxes”? Yep, me too. The Outdoor Edge Sidewinder is pocket-friendly box cutter that features a locking blade with easily replaceable standard utility razor blades, both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, a bottle opener, prybar, and pocket clip. This tool will fit right into your EDC and it won’t make your wallet weep since it’s only $9.95 on Amazon.

9 thoughts on “This tiny box cutter doubles as a ultra basic multi-tool”

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  2. This would be nice to have, but is another thing to remember to carry around. The only thing that is on me 100% of time is my Apple Watch. So the obvious question becomes: have you come across any Apple Watch bands with an integrated box cutter? It seems one could include a tiny retractable blade at the end of the band. Now that would be so useful in my day-to-day amazon box opening 🙂

      1. Yes! Well, I was thinking more along the lines of a retractable blade rather than a foldout one, but the end result is the same. But it seems Artya doesn’t sell it separately from the watch, so it’s neither an Apple Watch band, nor can I buy it and find some sort of adapter.

      1. Hi Julie, after searching high and low, I haven’t seen any watch bands that do this. The next best thing would be a credit-card size cutter that could go into Apple’s iPhone magnetic credit card holder. Since I carry my iPhone nearly all the time too. But all the cc-sized tools are at least twice as thick as a credit card, leaving no space in the wallet for actual credit cards 🙁

        So I ended up with a do-it-yourself solution: sharpen one of the corners of my Apple Card! All it took is a Dremel tool, a metal credit card and, voila, a box cutter that takes no extra room in my wallet 🙂

  3. amazon just dropped a couple of these on your doorstep

    i ordered them to replace the fugitive cutters colonizing some corner in our home

    a bit heavy but easy-to-use
    a positive lock ( i have a longstanding bias against OTF cutlery)
    and the bottle opener actually works

    all-in-all, worth the bucks

    btw…you can sharpen plastic credit cards as well…a simple chisel grind and you are good to go

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