A solution for missing zipper pulls

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NEWS – I really needed one of these replacement zipper pulls a couple of years ago when I continued to use a large rolling suitcase that was missing a zipper pull. My own DIY solution was to use a twisty tie from a loaf of bread. Yeah, so classy. If you have a jacket, bag, etc that is missing a zipper pull, then definitely check out these mini metal carabiners. They come in packages of 4 zipper pulls for $10.95 from Amazon.

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6 thoughts on “A solution for missing zipper pulls”

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      1. hopefully not too boring…

        i’ve used strips of upholstery leather and split rings to make quick expedient pulls

        i use a bleed knot so nothing except one of your pocket knives is required to make the pull…no rivets, punches, etc. (actually sometimes you don’t need the split ring)

        i was on a horse whose steering wheel broke, the guy i was with cut the worn end of the rein off, made three slits in the leather, worked everything through and back to the corral we went

        it is really weird to be on a horse that will only make right hand turns

        anyway that’s where i discovered bleed knots

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