The Flic Twist home automation gadget has been revealed

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flic twist 2

NEWS – Five years ago I reviewed the Flic wireless smart buttons. These small buttons allowed for all kinds of interesting home automation funnery (I just made up that word – you’re welcome). I used one of mine to record the time I stopped eating at night so that I could figure out how long to fast the next morning. Yes, I’m one of those people. I also used buttons to turn off smart lights and other tasks. Being able to just press a button instead of talking to Alexa or bringing up an app on my phone was easier and faster. Today Flic is back with an announcement about their latest product. It’s the Flic Twist and it’s bigger (literally) and better than ever. The new Flic Twist button not only can be pressed but it can be rotated as well. It has a dial on the outside. Imagine the types of automation that can be done with this new gadget. Dimming lights, lowering the volume on smart speakers, turning down the temperature on your thermostat, etc. There’s a ring of LEDs around the button that provides a visual indicator as you rotate the dial. There’s no info on pricing yet, but you can visit the Flic website for more info.

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