Remove snow, frost, and ice from your windshield with this cool cone-shaped tool

NEWS – To borrow a line from a great tv show, “Winter is coming,” and with it plenty of snow and ice. The Scrape-A-Round windshield ice scraper is a different way to remove ice, frost, and snow from your windshield. The cone-shaped design of the Scrape-a-Round conforms to the curvature of a window and allows you to double-scrape with each pass, doing the job twice as fast as a traditional flat scraper. Its ergonomic shape also makes it easier to grip and is less stressful on your hand.

To remove hard ice, the Scrape-A-Round has a smaller pointed, serrated cap on the other end that can be removed, turning it into a funnel to use with anti-freeze or windshield washing solution. $16.95 gets you the original Scrape-A-Round and the Round 2.

The Round 2 is slightly smaller than the Original and features two different sized scrapers. The Scrape-A-Round may not make you King or Queen in the North, but it might make cleaning snow and ice off your car a bit easier. For more info or to buy the Scrape-A-Round windshield ice scraper, head over to The Grommet where you can buy a 2pk for $16.95, or go to Amazon where you can get one for $6.95

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