Anti-snore nose purifier by Social Hotcakes puts an end to violent snoring

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Hog callers and hay mowers, this one is for you. Actually, it’s for who you sleep with.

The anti-snore nose purifier by Social Hotcakes is a gadget made to fit up your nostrils while you sleep and eliminate your snoring, while also acting as an air purifier.

It works by using micro blowers that create pressured airflow through magnetic plates, and usage ultimately results with one partner quiet and the other happy. The colors it comes in are blue, red, and white.

Eliminating snoring and breathing pure air can make your entire night of sleep more enjoyable. Sleeping with a violent snorer is like waking up to an alarm that you never set, and can’t turn off. The heaviest of snorers tend to be in denial, so just gift this to someone who needs it.

It’s only $9.54.

Snore no more.

9 thoughts on “Anti-snore nose purifier by Social Hotcakes puts an end to violent snoring”

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  2. This looks pretty sketchy to me but I ordered one just to see. I sleep with someone who has to use a CPAP machine and it’s a pain to deal with especially when we travel. I’ll be curious to see if this thing works. I’m very doubtful, but it was only $17.88 with the faster shipping, so what the heck 🙂

  3. Hmm. In a single advertisement, this thing is described as an air purifier, a nose clip (devices which close off the nose completely) and a device that uses magnets to blow air.

    These devices are styled after the permantly-crowdfunding “Airing Micro Cpap” (used to be on Indiegogo for several years, now see fundairing . com). You can find more like this on Amazon. They don’t replace a CPAP. Some do nothing. Some claim to mimic the function of the Provent nasal exhale restrictor.

    Folks intrigued by this gadget would do well to research other anti-snoring devices, including chin straps and mandibular advancement devices. Those whose snoring is due to a need for a CPAP device would do well to keep their eyebrow raised.

    Was this post simply intended as humor?

  4. Of course a lot of people snore through their mouth (since they don’t breath well through their nose) and all of these nasal devices are worthless. And why they wear a full CPAP face mask.

    1. Hmmm, Jeanne’s CPAP only goes over (under) her nose… Granted, I don’t know a lot of about CPAP machines. I just know about the that she was given and has been using. Let’s just say it prevented me from becoming a murderer 😉

      1. I had to wear a full mask for about 6 months because I don’t breath through my nose very well and it didn’t keep my airway open.

        After 6 months I fortunately lost enough weight (and started propping my head up at night) so that I didn’t have sleep apnea any longer.

        It was just awful having to sleep with the full mask. I don’t know if the nose one is easier.

          1. Me too. My sleep tech said – “How come you’re not dead”. Guess they’re not real good at bedside manner. Elevating my head (well and losing weight – 20% of my body weight) really did the trick and I’ve been pretty good (and no snoring) for at least 5 years. Has she tried propping up her head with a wedge or pillows?

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