You’ll never peel another boiled egg again

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There are all these tips for making boiled eggs that peel easily, but nothing ever seems to work for me.  Every egg I boil is so hard to peel that I lose half of the egg white trying to get the shell off.  I’ve given up and just started buying pre-boiled, pre-peeled eggs from the grocery store.  But I just found a product that may change my mind.  The Egg Boiler from Eggibles promises to give you six boiled eggs that never need peeling because they aren’t cooked in the shell.

You simply crack an egg into each section; for best results, use medium, large, or extra-large eggs, or you can use 2 ounces of eggs whites.  You could even add spices, bacon bits, or veggies to the eggs before cooking.  Submerge the silicone cooker in a pot of water and boil as you would normally.  Of course, the eggs aren’t perfectly egg-shaped, but neither are the eggs I’ve cooked at home after half has been ripped away during peeling.

The Eggibles boiler is 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone.  It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.  The Eggibles Silicone Egg Boiler is $17.95 at The Grommet.

14 thoughts on “You’ll never peel another boiled egg again”

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  2. My mom has an egg cooker she got as a wedding present 50 years ago and that thing is brilliant. It makes perfect hand boiled eggs and poaches, too. It wasn’t until I moved out and made my own hard boiled eggs that I ever experienced an egg shell that was hard to peel. I’ve bought a few egg cookers over the years and none have ever lived up to that 50 year old beast my mom has. Maybe I’ll give this a try.

    1. I had the same issue so I know your pain, but then I tried this… I have tried this method so I guess it is possible that at some point it won’t work I take my vegetable steam and put my eggs in there (I can get at least a dozen in mine) after the water starts to boil in the bottom time your eggs for 18 min. Cool as you normally would and then peel. Most of mine came of the egg in two or three pieces. Worked great. Good luck!

      1. Sorry let me clarify a couple of things from the above comment. First I’ve only done this twice but it worked both times. Next I use my vegetable steamer that you use on your stovetop, so you also cover it with a lid while steaming. Most of the egg shells came off in two or three pieces.

  3. Janice Robinson

    I never have a problem peeling hard-boiled eggs. This is because I start them out in boiling water. This can cause the shell to crack due to thermal stress; however, I minimize this by holding the egg right over the water, on a large slotted spoon, for 30 seconds before submerging it gently into the water. An egg will crack maybe one out of twelve times this way. I say this because I boiled a dozen the other day, and one cracked out of the dozen. It’s said that starting eggs out in cold water, bringing the water to a boil, taking it off the heat, and letting them sit for twelve minutes yields a better cooked egg. Maybe so, but I did that once upon the recommendation of a friend, and I never will again! They were so difficult to peel, and the difference in quality wasn’t enough to make up for that. Anyway I see no need for this product, as my eggs always peel very easily, with no loss of any egg white.

    1. That’s how we started it doing it too – after years of disastrous peeling problems. Another tip is to put the eggs in an ice water bath after they are finished boiling. They are easier to peel when they are cool.

  4. I start eggs in cold water, bring them to boil, let them sit… I almost never have a problem peeling. I do add a bit of white vinegar to the water though.

  5. My newly learned technique is bring 1/2″ (only) of water to a simmering boil. Lower in eggs. Time 6:30 for soft boiled. Consistent results regardless of pot because they are cooked by the steam at exactly 100°C.

  6. I’ve had great luck dropping them into an ice bath for 10 minutes after boiling. Seems to contract the egg from the shell to make for easier pealing. My 7 year old can normally get 11/12 to peal without a problem.

  7. It’s simple if your eggs don’t peel cleanly it’s because they are too fresh, use your stalest eggs. If you need lots of hard boiled eggs try buying them a couple of weeks early.
    Fresh eggs are excellent especially when poaching as they hold together well.
    If your egg spreads over the frying pan it’s because it is not the freshest. Perfectly fine to eat.

  8. I share your pain. Peeling eggs has always ended up with me being frustrated and having more egg in the shell than out. GRRR That was until I tried cooking them in my Instant Pot. Now days my boiled eggs peel very easily and no more ugly words are said while I peel. 🙂

  9. There are many youtube videos that show how to put an unshelled hard boiled egg into a container with some water, then shake it vigorously. When the shell has cracked all over, it peels off easily.

    Then there are others that blows the hard boiled egg out of its shell after making two openings, one at the top and one at the bottom, then tapping the shell all over. I’d use this method only if it’s the egg I’m going to eat though …

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