Trayvax Axis wallet review

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Wallets are a simple device on the surface, basically designed to carry your cards and cash. Not unlike many, I have complicated my wallet by adding things like a pen and pen knife. I have been pretty loyal to my old wallet for a while since it was custom made for me. But wallets have changed a lot over the years going from the simple leather to nylon to other materials, the trends today seems to be carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, or stainless steel. Along with the materials they are made of, the wallets today range from simple to complex. Enter today’s reviewed item, the Trayvax Axis wallet. I know that simple complexity is a conflict of terms but hear me out on this. The basis of this wallet is simple, the body is basically two stainless steel plates that hold your wallet contents between them. The complexity issue comes into play in how you attach those plates together and secure your items inside.

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As I mentioned above, the wallet has two stainless steel plates with a nylon lanyard holding them together and a nylon webbed strap holding the wallet closed. The Axis is 5.15 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and .05 inches thick when empty. The plates offer RFID protection for your cards inside the wallet.

Trayvax Axis-3

The top plate for the Axis wallet is the complicated part of the wallet. The top has the Trayvax logo and made in the USA stamped on it. At the bottom of the stainless steel plate are four cutouts which the adjustable cord run through. In the upper left-hand corner is a tab with a hole in it big enough to run a carabiner through it. In the cutout at the top is a nipple lifted up so that the nylon webbing strap can keep the wallet securely closed. Running along the left side of the top plate is a cutout designed to hold the inner nylon webbing strap (it is hard to see the cutout with the strap in place). The right side of the Axis wallet is bent down with two cutouts allowing the nylon webbed strap to run through it. This webbing is designed to help the contents inside of the wallet.


The bottom plate is less complicated, it has the same cord hole cutouts and a tab that mirrors the front plate to allow for a carabiner to be placed through both of them. I took this picture from the inside of the plate so you could get a look at the long tab. This can be used for quick access items. At the top of the bottom plate is another cut out for the nylon webbed closure strap.


Inside of the Axis top plate is a webbing system designed to hold your items securely in the wallet (no rattling around). The strap is held fairly tight to the contents by tension. The Trayvax website says that the wallet can hold up to 14 cards (I don’t have 14 cards to test with). At the bottom, you can see where the nylon cord was permanently affixed.


A chain is only as good as its weakest link and that is also true with the Axis wallet. The linchpin in this wallet is the nylon cord. The cord secures the two plates together and holds the nylon webbed closing strap. Besides holding all these items together, the nylon cord also holds a plastic slide that allows you keep the cord tight and the wallet size consistent. So far, the cord has held up great.


The nylon webbed strap the runs from the back to the front of the Axis wallet keeps the wallet closed and helps keep your items from sliding out of the top of it. The metal grommet slips over the nipple in the front to keep the strap secure. Because the strap is attached to the wallet by the nylon cord it adjusts with your wallet (as your wallet expands or shrinks the strap can be adjusted longer or shorter).


So what’s my bottom line here? I really like the Trayvax Axis wallet, in fact, I like it so much it has become my new everyday carry wallet. Materials and workmanship quality are high on the Axis. I have traveled with the Axis while reviewing it and found that the RFID blocking works well. The ability to securely carry the Axis many ways is a plus. The wallet I would compare it to is my partners HuMn wallet which I previously reviewed. Although the HuMn wallet is a simpler design , I like the design, look, and feel of the Axis wallet. At a price of $49.99 from the Trayvax site, this made in the USA wallet should be considered for your next adventure.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Trayvax. Please visit their site for more info and also check their Amazon shop.


Product Information

  • Sturdy
  • Light (for a metal wallet)
  • Stylish
  • High cool factor
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited card space

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