Avoid phone drops with Phone Loops straps

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Picture this scenario… You’ve got your expensive smartphone in your hand and then suddenly it slips out and everything switches to slow motion as you watch your phone tumble to the ground. Your heart sinks as you pick it up to inspect the damage. Nightmare right? So how do you prevent drops? Do you use a thick case that adds so much bulk and weight to your phone that it no longer fits in your pocket? Maybe there’s another solution… Phone Loops are one size fits all phones satin ribbon straps that help you keep a grip on your phone without adding extra bulk or weight. Phone Loops come in two styles. The Petite Loop is like a traditional wrist strap and the Ninja Loop (pictured above) lets you hold and control your phone with one hand. Both styles are priced at $4.99 each and work with your existing case. They are available in several colors or can be custom printed for extra $’s. For more info visit phoneloops.com

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