Netchef G2 is an Android powered digital cookbook for your kitchen

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The Netchef G2 is a kitchen recipe reader developed by Sungale that is powered by the Android operating system and features a 1024×768 8-inch touchscreen. This counter-top cooking companion comes preloaded with over 500 recipes and has 4GB of internal memory and up to 32GB of external memory that can be used to store your own recipes, pictures and videos.

The Netchef has an easy to use interface so you can quickly find a recipe and get cooking. Need some tunes while you cook? No problem. The Netchef comes equipped with two speakers so you to listen to your favorite music from apps like Pandora. It also includes built-in timers, a unit conversion tool, it’s water-proof, fire-proof, and easy to clean, making it a better solution than using your smartphone or tablet.

The Netchef G2 PF810 is available now and is priced $279.99.

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4 thoughts on “Netchef G2 is an Android powered digital cookbook for your kitchen”

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  2. We saw the future of cooking aids at the Museum Of Science exhibit in Boston:

    How to cook something is projected on to the table surface and you get to see it from the point of view of the cook giving the instructions.

    We think that if they can combine it with a smooth cooking surface like an induction cooktop, then one can actually cook while seeing the video 🙂

  3. So a $300 specialized android tablet? Hmmm…I’d rather buy a nexus and put a screen on it. Install stay awake, evernote food, boom. Also usable for other things.

  4. Over priced don’t you think considering they are selling between $299 to $329 at the right places or go straight to Net Chef Australia

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