Korg Headtune – Stringed instrument tuner for newbies


The Korg Headtune tuner takes all the mystery out of tuning guitar, ukulele and basses, so new players can concentrate on learning to play music instead of figuring out how to keep their instrument in tune. Shaped like the headstock of a guitar, bass or ukulele, the tuner clips on and has an easy to understand panel of LEDs. When you pluck a string, the built in microphone detects which string you’ve played and will light it up on the mini headstock. Then as you tighten or loosen the string, it will let you know when it’s correctly tuned.

This tuner is being marketed towards beginners because it only helps you tune standard tunings, not special tunings like drop D on the guitar. However, the ukulele version will allow for “Low-G tuning” in addition to regular GCEA standard tuning.

The Headtune is powered by 1 CR2032 coin cell lithium battery and is priced at $19.99.

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