The Perfect Parent/Younger Sibling Alarm

Kids, like Batman, always have the most wonderful toys.  This is a motion sensor alarm system that sends its signal to a wrist cuff the user wears.  As a kid, at some point, you were probably up to something you shouldn’t have been and had to keep one eye out for a parent coming along.  Or you might have had a sneaky younger sibling or two just waiting for you to leave your room so they could snoop around.  This alarm set allows for two separate motion sensors to be used, which when tripped will set off its corresponding side of the wrist cuff.  Flashing lights and an alarm will go off to indicate a disturbance, or it can be set to silent and lights only.  There is a 100-foot radius from the motion sensors that the alarm cuff will work within, but there is always plenty of trouble to get into in a house.

Hammacher Schlemmer is offering the  Stay Out of My Room Alarm for $39.95.

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