Now You Can Organize Your Purse with GRID-IT! Panels

We’ve told you about the GRID-IT! system from Cocoon Innovations before.  These panels are covered in interwoven elastic straps that grip and organize your smaller items.  These panels come permanently installed in some laptop and gear bags from Cocoon, and they are also available as separate panels that you can add to your own laptop bag.  The CPG4 GRID-IT! is a stand-alone panel that’s sized to fit in a purse or a small gear bag.  It’s 7″ X 5″ X 0.375″.  The flip-side of the CPG4 can be used as a mouse pad.  It weighs just under 0.25 pounds, but you get a lot of organization for the slight added weight.  The CPG4 GRID-IT! is $9.99 at Cocoon.

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