Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun review

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addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 13

REVIEW – My son ran track in his freshman year of high school, and has been lifting weights at home. He’s seen these cordless massagers at track meets, and I’ve seen dozens of lookalike models available online. Now we’ve got a chance to look at a packable model with an extendable handle. Let’s take a look at the Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun.

What is it?

The Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun is a cordless massage gun with a hand grip that twists open for an extra 8cm of grip length.
Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun

What’s in the box?

  • Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun
  • Zippered carry case
  • Five interchangeable heads
  • USB-A to C charging cable
    addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 01addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 02

Hardware specs

Size: 16.6-24.6cm*4.57cm*11.8cm

Weight: N.W. 560g, G.W 670g

Amplitude: 10mm

Force Range: 28.6 lbs

Speeds: 1100/1600/2000/2600/3000 RPM

Battery: 2600mAh, 28.86Wh, Type C IN: 5V==3A

Battery Life: 10H

Design and features

The party trick of the Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun is of course the handle. It doesn’t simply slide out like a telescope, but you must give it a twist. This prevents the handle from simply collapsing in on itself.addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 04Here you can see the full 10mm of amplitude, or range of motion, for the massage head. I thought these things just buzzed like a cell phone or video game controller, but boy was I wrong!
addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 05The control panel is all dark when off, but is nicely backlit when on. It looks like an OLED panel but I suspect it’s just a very nice screen job with through lighting.

It’s not immediately obvious, but the times on the bottom of the screen indicate how long the massager has been turned on, not a countdown to powering off.
addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 07The Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun has five attachments. Four are silicone, one is a hard foam (the ball).
addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 12What are they for? The manual provides a little insight.

addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 11


Charging is via USB-C. A short cable is provided. I really like seeing the USB-C style connector used.addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 08During charging, the battery icon illuminates. You can see a tiny bit of light leakage to the neighboring radial segments.addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 09

The silicone attachments snap on and off. They stay on pretty securely. addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 06The hard foam ball is different. For that, you must remove the shaft adapter first, which is on pretty tight. addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 10


The Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun pushes hard! No, it doesn’t just buzz around like a phone on vibrate mode. The piston genuinely pushes in and out with gusto. What’s even more surprising is how quiet it is: just a very faint warble.

The gun appears to change the speed and force the harder you push, which is neat: You don’t have to fiddle with buttons to get that little “extra”.

Since it’s currently summer, there’s no high school track. But my son has been backpacking quite a bit and weight lifts at home.

My son likes the cylindrical handle. He says it feels good in the hand, and the controls are simple to use (one button!) Long hold to turn on and off. Tap to cycle through speeds. addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun 13

What I like

  • Compact (for travel)
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Quiet
  • Feels solid

What I’d change

  • A real LED/OLED screen would have been cool, but not necessary.

Final thoughts

My son seems pretty happy with the Addsfit Mini Pro Massage Gun. It does feel remarkably solid for something that’s designed to pummel back and forth, and the extendable handle makes it easy to carry around for travel.

Price: $129.00
Where to buy: and Amazon (use code gadgeteer20 to save 20% – expires 7/14/2022)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by addsfit.

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