Language Isn’t a Barrier with Vocre

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Star Trek’s Universal Translator is here!  The Vocre iPhone app from myLanguage “listens” to your sentence, translates it into the selected language, then speaks it.  It’s not instantaneous like the Universal Translator, but it’s close.  You can choose a male or female voice to speak the translation.  The speaking voice sounds like a human, not a machine.  Available languages are: English (United States, Australia, or United Kingdom accent), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish.  The Vocre app is free, and it comes with 10 free translations.  You purchase more translations with in-app purchases; 20 translations are $0.99 and 100 are $8.99.  Be aware that each phrase you speak and each your conversational partner speaks will count as one translation, so you won’t be using this to chat your way around the world unless you’re on the Forbes 400. The myLanguage website has a video demonstrating Vocre in action, if you missed the television commercial.

2 thoughts on “Language Isn’t a Barrier with Vocre”

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  2. Great idea, relatively poor implementation. There is just too much required to use this app effectively. Not sure if they make it so cumbersome in order to pass time while it heads out to nuance and does the actual translation? Issue is, why pay so much to do the translation when google TRANSLATE will do the same thing for you, faster and easier and without expense for free.

  3. Totally agree with TivoBoy that they will have to find another way to fund the translation.

    $10/100 translation is barely a decent chat! We are not talking about UN level conversations here where every statement is going to be vetted before being uttered 🙂

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