Replace Your Home Landline with The PhoneLynx from Cobra Electronics

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If you’ve stopped your home landline service to save money but find that you miss a lot of calls because you don’t remember to carry your Android smartphone around the house, the PhoneLynx from Cobra Electronics is for you.  The PhoneLynx uses Bluetooth to pair your Android phone to your home’s phones, so an incoming cell phone call will make all your home phones ring.  Any outgoing call you make on the home phones will use your cell service.  In addition to the PhoneLynx, you’ll need the free app (available at the Android Marketplace).  You’ll have access to the following Android phone features through your home phones:  voice dialing, speed dialing, voice mail alerts and access, and you can even set an alarm on your Android phone that will ring the phones in your house at the set time.  The PhoneLynx will be released on 5/02/11 and will sell for $59.95.

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