MoreWireLess Bluetooth Online Video Series

MoreWireLess is a video series produced by Broadcom, the leader in Bluetooth technology. This series has been developed to educate consumers with simple instructions on how to use the most popular Bluetooth devices on the market. So far they have 2 videos available, but plan to have a new video each Wednesday. Check out their schedule of topics after the jump.

Video #TitleDate
1Bluetooth Basics6/16/2010
2Premium Sound in Bluetooth Headsets6/23/2010
3Bluetooth: More than a headset6/30/2010
4Bluetooth for Remote Controls7/7/2010
5Bluetooth Transforms the PC7/14/2010
6High-Speed Bluetooth7/21/2010
7Bluetooth in Consumer Electronics7/28/2010
8Add Bluetooth to your PC with a Dongle8/4/2010
9How to Transfer Files Using Bluetooth8/11/2010
10How to Connect Wireless Keyboard and Mouse with Bluetooth8/18/2010
11How to Connect a Bluetooth Headset8/25/2010
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