Turn your iPad into a Shield

The Onhand X-Band from TKO Solutions is a holder for your iPad that consists of four leather corner loops that are connected to a neoprene and nylon X shaped strap. A user can slip their hand under the strap to give them an easier way to hold the iPad in one hand for presentations or demonstrationsā€¦ or for playing knights of the round table. Get yours for $19.99.

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6 thoughts on “Turn your iPad into a Shield”

  1. Janet Cloninger

    Bite your tongue, Julie! Use it as a shield!?! I’d take a bullet for my iPad! (Just kidding. I think…) ;o)

  2. Type iPad too heavy into a Google search field and you’ll see how 850,00+ people find the iPad too heavy.

    This device is a good start to fixing the problem. But I fear it isn’t enough for a full presentation.

    Also, it isn’t quite right for reading.

    I’ve been stuck in bed with a broken shoulder. And I agree that the iPad is too heavy for one-handed operation.

    The iPad is 1.5 pounds. Kindle DX is 1.2 pounds. But the Kindle 2 is .6 pounds ā€” way lighter than the iPad and perfect for reading.

    For anyone who carries a computer or iPhone, the Kindle 2 is the better ebook reader.

    For someone who doesn’t want to carry a smartphone or computer, the iPad is a fair alternative. But still not a good idea for one-haded reading.

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