Vaja’s ivolution Top SP Case for the Blackberry Bold

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With every new device I receive, the first thing I do, (after the new tech-toy rush wears off, of course) is start to think about which case am I going to order to protect it. Typically this pondering weighs function, form and style. That said, the place I look to first is to see what they have available for my latest and greatest device. After nearly a decade of ordering from them, they have yet to let me down or even come close to disappointing me.


The ivolution SP case for the Blackberry Bold is no different. Instead of my usual all black case, I decided to try the SP version of Vaja’s Bold case which adds a bit more spice/sportiness to its look. The accenting leather stripe down the center of the case is made of a soft, supple leather. With 39 colors to choose from, the color combination are nearly endless.


I chose ‘brownie’ as my SP color which nicely matches the limited edition 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 that I have been drooling over for months. Since the Challenger SRT8 (sadly) gets 13mpg, the matchbox car I bought for myself (& this case) will have to do, but I digress…..


The ivolution Top SP is very form fitting. However, it does add a little bulk to the already thick Blackberry Bold (at least compared to my old 8820). The Caterina leather and the workmanship are of the highest quality and truly second to none. When closed, the front flap/cover protects the entire front face of the Bold. The back of the device is also well protected but has a fitted cutout that allows efficient use of the camera.


The Bold slips into the case from the top and is snugly held in place by the side rails that wrap around the lower half of the device. Compared to a slipper or open-faced case, the front flip cover of the ivolution Top SP provides a great deal of added protection to the screen and keyboard.


The right side of the case allows easy access to the Bold’s earphone and USB ports and the quick launch button.


The left side allows access to the volume controls and a push-thru point that activates the camera quick launch button. The camera push-thru point was initially very stiff and difficult to actuate. But has become easier to use with time.


When closed, the case covers approximately 95% of the Blackberry. The only parts of the Bold exposed to the outside world are the edges and upper corners of the of the device. This case is nearly identical to the Vaja case I have for my iPod Touch. That case protected my Touch during one very extreme accident. I was running for the bus and my iPod fell from my jacket pocket, hit the sidewalk, and then I kicked it several feet. Not only did the Vaja ivolution case keep my Touch from being ruined but was only mildly scuffed up itself. So, I am expecting that this case will protect my Bold just as well.


The front cover has an embedded magnet that puts the Blackberry Bold to sleep when the case is closed. A very nice and needed feature of the case.


The case has a stiff, leather-covered clasp that slips over the edge of the device to hold the cover in place.


Here is a better view of the clasp holding the front cover in place. This design does a good job keeping the flap where it is suppose to be but does allow some movement and could be a bit tighter. However, I doubt that the cover will accidentally come undone leaving your Bold exposed.


I have always kept my Blackberry on my belt and wanted to try this case without a clip. It is perfect for sliding into a coat pocket, purse, gear bag, etc. If I had to do it again, I would have ordered it with an ultra clip. Either way the lack of belt clip takes nothing away from my overall impression or functionality of the case. It is just causing me to modify how I transport my Blackberry. As I stated above, the quality, form, function, and style of this case is second to none. And even though the ivolution Top SP for the Blackberry Bold costs $85; nearly two to three times others it’s definitely worth the premium price.


Product Information

  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Perfectly fitted for the Blackberry Bold
  • Flip cover provides excellent protection for the screen and keyboard
  • Good overall protection
  • Camera cutout
  • Expensive
  • Does add a bit of bulk to the device
  • Camera button is initially pretty stiff

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9 thoughts on “Vaja’s ivolution Top SP Case for the Blackberry Bold”

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  2. slightly off topic:

    13 MPG … what a pitty ! It’s a great looking car.
    Our 14-years old Maruti (Suzuki made in India) does 37 MPG easily. Yet it’s by far not so good looking as the Dodge.

  3. Nice review. I like the bold but I do not like the fact that the screen is not hardened like the curve or the older blackberries. I love the case for this. Any way, Is there a case like this for the Storm? I would look for myself but I have limited internet access at work so I can not view the Vaja site.


  4. Yes, Vaja makes six different styles of cases for the Storm. One is the Storm version of the ivolution Top SP. Hope this helps….

  5. 13 mpg? My 2008 Infiniti M45s AVERAGES 16 mpg! 🙂

    Nice review. I also automatically zoom in on Vaja when I get a new “toy”!

  6. The case looks spectacular on the website. Colors are a great touch. A problem that I see is looking at the pictures above, it looks like a regular crap leather case.

    Blackberry and vaja all advertise the cases start at $69.00 but for the case that they show above, that starts at $200.00 and that does not include adding the belt clip or engraving, etc.

    I paid nearly $600.00 for the bold, why would I want to spend another $300 on a case? ESP when the Bold already has a leather door on the back. (for non-blackberry users, that is the piece that covers the battery. Not only is it leather but it also comes in different colors.

    Furthermore, it’s a mobile phone primarily used by business people. It’s not for the run of the mill, “I want to be able to text” crowd. It’s a fully integrated piece of business equipment, you can hook it to a projector and do a power point presentation. Blackberry is known for it’s business application not it’s looks. As a sales executive, I have the bold because it gets 7hours of talk time not because it’s so stylish and trendy.

    I bought the iPhone for that in personal life.

    Author-get some better pictures and tell me why this is worth at least $200.00?

  7. Dave thanks for the review. I enjoy my BlackBerry both in business and my personal life, I can certainly appreciate some style on my phone as it does play a big part in my wardrobe just like a purse, belt or even shoes they all have a function but I like them to look good. I totally disagree with Robert, looking good is a part of the whole … I am an Account Executive. Good looking cell phone protection, count me in! I can also appreciate a great looking car. Lighten up Robert, have a little fun, life is too short. “Smile”

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