i2iGear Folding Portable Speakers Review

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Do you have a small audio player that you would want to listen to in a small space? Then of course, you need a small speaker system. The i2iGear Folding Portable Speakers sound great and are small enough to fit in your pocket (if you have roomy pockets 🙂 ). The price isn’t too bad either. I’ve been listening to these speakers all day, let’s see how they stack up.


Hardware Specifications

Speaker: 32 mm diameter
Max Output Power: 4W
Max Normal Input Power: 3W
Frequency Response: 230Hz to 20kHz
Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.20 x 1.0 inch


Package Contents

4 AAA Batteries
3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter
Carrying pouch
User guide


The i2i speakers have a small footprint. Folded up, they will easily fit into most gear bags. They are made of shiny Black plastic, with metal speaker grills.


A short 3.5mm cable (4.5 inches) is connected to the back of the speakers. If you want to use these speakers with a device that has a 2.5mm stereo jack, you’re in luck as an adapter cable has been included.

A power switch and optional AC power connector are located on the back of the set too.


These speakers run on 4 AAA batteries which thankfully were included in the package. The center section between the two speakers houses the batteries.


That center section also doubles as a stand for the speakers.


It swivels around and snaps into place as you can see here.


The speakers slide apart to accommodate an audio player of 1.0 – 2.5 inch width.


My iPod Classic is a perfect fit. My iPod nano 4G and iPod Touch also worked well with these speakers. My original iPhone didn’t fair so well though. The right angle 3.5mm stereo jack doesn’t completely fit into the iPhone’s earphone connector.

When the speakers are powered on, a small Blue LED glows behind the Right speaker grill.

Audio is surprisingly loud and clear through this little set. I had the speakers set up next to my keyboard and only needed to turn the volume on the iPod to about 30% to enjoy music at a comfortable level. I wasn’t expecting a lot of bass from this unit and didn’t get any surprises in that regard. That said, the i2iGear speakers sound pretty good. I could totally see using these speakers with an iPod while traveling. The combo would make a really cool little travel alarm clock. Well, it would if you also decide to spring for the optional AC adapter. That’s really the only complaint I have with these speakers… battery life. Four AAA batteries will last for less than 5hrs. Ouch, that’s not enough for a whole work day. There isn’t an auto shutdown feature either…

The i2iGear Folding Portable Speakers sound good and are extremely portable. The price doesn’t make you want to run away screaming, which is always a good thing. Battery life is my only gripe. I’m still going to recommend them for portability and sound, but I’d really like to see a small AC adapter included in the package.

Manufacturer: i2iGear

Price: 39.95

Good sound
Battery and AC power options

Less than 5hr battery life with AAA batteries
No auto power shut off

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  2. Hi Julie,

    I spend way to much money on headphones and speakers. I am a sucker for a new set every now and then, always looking for something that sounds better.

    Of all the speakers I have purchased, you find that really small set of speakers on ebay that are typically sold by and branded with a cell phone companies name. Here is an example setup:


    Hopefully this URL is usable. Anyway, I love these speakers. They are small, rechargeable via USB, and for the size, they sound pretty darn good. They weigh just ounces, and the price, under $12.00 including shipping.

    Anyway, I always like seeing new speaker reviews. Do you plan to review the new Apple Headphones?

    1. David:
      Great find! Great price too! I like that they are rechargeable. How long do they last on a charge?

      As for the Apple Headphones. Dave Rees mentioned that he’s thinking about reviewing them. 🙂

  3. Hi Julie,

    I have not tested these at full volume, but at medium to low volume, they have played for me for 8++ hours on a single charge.

  4. Hey Julie,

    I’m taking a look at those also. you should see the list of stuff that I “need” to buy right now. 🙂 I’m good for the economy at least….just not my own personal economy. 🙂

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