Mr. FedEx bought me a new toy!

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I thought I’d tease you all with a picture…

Sorry, but that’s all you’re going to get until Monday :o)

10 thoughts on “Mr. FedEx bought me a new toy!”

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  2. Oh, no! You’re gonna make us wait all weekend?

    I tried to zoom in on the label to see if I could see where the package is from, but couldn’t make it out. Oh well.

    And, is that an Oreo on your desk? Do want! OMNOMNOM

  3. Ha! No, it’s not an Oreo ;o) It’s the lens cap to my camera ;o)

    Yes, you have to wait…

    The mystery item is currently charging.

    Yes, I’m evil…

  4. Julie, Sorry about noming on your lens cap. (* takes lens cap out of mouth, wipes off on shirt, hands back to Julie *)

    Oh, a Treo 800! (* runs off to read review *)

  5. Allen Richardson

    I thought it was obvious. The package was from Italy and even the shipper had NO CLUA what was in it!

    Cheers, Allen

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