Vaja i-volution iVod DJ

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When I was looking for a case to hold my
U2 Edition iPod, one
of the biggest considerations was that it stay true to the digital music
player’s striking red and black coloring. Of course I wanted protection for my
iPod from the occasional fit of butterfingers, but I also wanted a case that
would look great and not clash with my iPod’s bold coloring – which
automatically eliminated those composed of pastel colors or brown leather. Not
surprisingly, I found exactly what I was looking at
Vaja‘s site in the i-volution

iVod DJ

There are an almost overwhelming selection of custom iVod DJ color
combinations available on the site, and it wasn’t until the
page of choices
when I found the exact color combination I wanted – the red
and black which stayed true to the original color scheme of my U2 special
edition iPod. I asked for the basic version, which does not include a belt-clip
or any personalization, although those options are available for those that
prefer them. The only forms of branding on the case is the small distinctive
metal Vaja logo on the front…

…and a small printed Vaja on the rear of the case.

The iVod DJ starts with the distinctive molded leather styling of Vaja’s
i-volution line, but takes it a step further by adding what looks like an
"old-school" grooved vinyl LP to cover the iPod’s selection wheel – hence the
"DJ" name.

I wasn’t sure if the LP-styled cover would cause any usability issues with
the selection wheel or not, but I was pleased to find that it did not make much
of a difference at all. Of course, the lightly grooved texture is a little bit
different, but the wheel is still just as quick to respond and select.

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Because this iVod DJ is a custom made case, the handcrafting process takes
approximately 20 days. That’s almost three weeks of anticipation, but when the
final product showed up at my doorstep, I knew it was worth the wait. As always,
the scrumptious smell of Vaja’s leather is in a class by itself, and the molded
i-volution styling is the perfect compliment to the sleek lines of the Apple

The case measures 4.33" tall x 2.72′ wide x 0.94" thick, which does add a bit
of bulk to the iPod, but it does not make it in any way unwieldy. The iPod is
still quite pocketable and the addition of the case offers welcome protection,
as I learned when I accidentally dropped the combination from about five feet
onto our hard wood floor earlier today. I snagged my headphone cable on a door
knob, which ripped out the jack and sent my iPod flying. I gasped as my iPod hit
the floor hard. However, there was absolutely no damage to my iPod and
after reattaching the headphones it immediately began playing again…big sigh
of relief!

A clear plastic screen protector built into the case covers the iPod’s screen
which is great added protection for a device which is already a scratch and
fingerprint magnet. All of the iPod ports are accessible when the device is in
the case…

…but it should be taken into consideration that the iPod will need to be
removed from the case when using an an aftermarket cradle or certain add-on
accessories which need direct attachment to the bottom sync/charge port. If one
is only using the iPod’s sync/charge cable, then the digital music player may
never need to be removed from the case.

I have been very pleased with the Vaja i-volution iVod DJ since the day I
received it. Just like other Vaja i-volution cases I have reviewed, this one
does not disappoint. Of course, adding a case this fantastic makes the decision
of future device upgrades that much harder…ah well. :0)  


Product Information

  • 4th generation iPod Photo or special edition ipod
  • Beautifully case made of quality Argentinean leather
  • Made with colors and features selected by the owner
  • Excellent protection for the encased iPod

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