Julie’s Gear Diary – 2003-09-05

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Judie and I have been discussing (some might call it arguing) about the forthcoming Tapwave Zodiac gaming / Palm PDA device. She thinks it is going to be a big hit. I pretty much think it will be a flash in the pan, IF it has the body style like the pictures that have been surfacing today. To me it pretty much looks like an updated Gameboy Advance. With this style, I don't believe it is going to become a best selling PDA. Joe Blow Corporate will not be buying this device to use as his PDA. He'd be embarrassed to pull it out in a mtg. Joe Blow Jr probably won't be ABLE to buy this device to use as a game machine because it is going to be too expensive. He'd be better off buying the $99 Gameboy Advance SP. After all, there are 100's if not a 1000 games already available for it.

Don't get me wrong, I am intrigued by the Zodiac, and will probably even buy one. But then I pretty much buy all the latest and greatest gadget / toys… So tell me what do you all think about the Zodiac? Will it fly, or will it flop?

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