Wow. In a recent news item, I stated how Braven isn’t taking it easy after a string of successful portable speakers by releasing the monstrous Braven 800 – a direct competitor to Jawbone’s BigJambox speaker. It’s only been a few days, but Braven went and did it again with the Braven 855s, an identical twin… Read More

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There's a new speaker company in town and they're nude. Boy, that was easy to write! Seriously, NudeAudio is a recent player in an almost over-crowded portable speaker market. One way they are trying to be noticed – besides their name – is to make speakers that look like no other, which is understandable because… Read More

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When it comes to your device's battery having a portable charger around in an emergency is a great battery saver. But when that battery charger is capable of charging two devices at a time, well then, it becomes a lifesaver. For someone like me who constantly uses two cellphones, having a battery charger is a necessity… Read More

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The ScanSnap Color Scanner from Fujitsu is one of those products that surprised me when I first used it. It surprised me because it works so well. The scanning was surprisingly fast and the scanned images were a perfect copy.  I had to stop myself from scanning any picture and document I could get my… Read More

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They say good things come in small packages and the Rock-It Portable Vibration Speaker System is no exception. However, with its surprisingly generated vibrating "pod"  it is not without its drawbacks. The idea behind the Rock-It portable vibration speaker system is that it sends strong vibrations through a small speaker that is attached to an… Read More

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How do you judge a pair of headphones in this pristine, digital age when you’re listening to a new track from Jónsi and Alex that has analog noise added for effect? I have no idea, but boy, does it sound ethereal and haunting. The track is “Daníell In The Sea”, which may not be your… Read More

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Lately you have probably been exposed to at least a few media covering portable hard drives. The Gadgeteer has reviewed 3 portable external hard drives since the end of October. You might have purchased or received one as a gift for the holidays. They are a great investment as a backup tool or as a… Read More

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