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Last August Kathleen reviewed the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, a small task lamp that used LEDs instead of traditional light bulbs. LEDs are very energy efficient, last longer than regular light bulbs and don't generate a lot of heat. Fast forward to now and we have the aerelight which features OLEDs instead of regular LEDs. What are [...]

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This Blue Rely-A-Light Lamp looks too pretty to be emergency lighting, but it is.  It functions as a normal reading lamp, but it has the added bonus of a USB charging port built into the base.  When you lose power, the lamp has bright LED emergency lights that switch on automatically and can stay on for up [...]

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I just love the concept of LEDs. They save so much on energy and energy costs, run at a much cooler temperature than other lighting options (cool!), work forever (well okay, so not forever, but a REALLY long time), and now they have a softer yellow light available in lamps - take my money! The [...]

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Who doesn't need a desk lamp? How about an energy efficient LED desk lamp? Often when I think of LED lighting, I think of the sometimes harsh blue tinted lights, but the TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp has several light settings so it is time to set my presuppositions aside and give it a [...]

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The Smart LED Desk Lamp from Satechi is the ultimate in energy-efficient desk lighting.   It uses a bank of LEDs that use only 1/8th the energy used by an incandescent bulb and less than half that of a fluorescent bulb.  A touch panel toggles the lamp through four brightness levels:  study mode (brightest, bluest light), [...]

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This LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Lamp from ThinkGeek sheds some dark light on your desk.  The Darth Vader figure is 7.5" tall and has poseable arms and legs.  He can even be used off his stand.  The lightsaber has 12 bright, red LEDs and is powered by 3 AAA batteries (or optional USB power).  [...]

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I live in an old house - so old that all the rooms have overhead fixtures, even the living room.  Sometimes the overhead light is a bit too harsh, and I'd like something a bit more atmospheric.  I have some lamps sitting around, but they've usually been chosen to provide task lighting and can be [...]

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Energizer, perhaps best known for their batteries, is offering a new line of household lighting products.  The Energizer Edge Small Accent Light has touch controls at the base of all four panels that "allow you to dim or brighten the light to customize the mood and ambiance of any room in your home."  Twelve LEDs [...]

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The Cuby Light from Osram is a cube shaped LED light producing 20 Lumens and due to its flexible and bendable clip can be used for such things as a reading lamp or attached to bars or handles for accent lighting.  Made from dirt resistant rubberized silicon the cubes are light and shockproof.  Rather than using [...]

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This Mantis Clip On Task Lamp from Quirky can provide light where you need it.  The lamp is portable and battery-operated (2 AA batteries), so you can use it where there's no power outlet or you can take it with you.  It consists of two parts:  the lamp and a removable clip.  The lamp is [...]

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You've probably seen something similar to this - a desk lamp with a charging dock for iPod/iPhone in the base.  Rotaliana, an Italian company that seems to specialize in lighting, has turned a simple product into art.  The Diva is made from polycarbonate and aluminum.  There's an aluminum arm, hinged at the top, that opens [...]

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