EASINE piano lamp with metronome review – shining the light and bringing the beats

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REVIEW – Tickling the ivories is a skill that I do not possess.  My lovely wife, however, has the ability, therefore, we have a piano.  One thing that is crucial for playing is decent lighting, both on the keyboard as well as on the sheet music.  The light needs to do its job without blinding the pianist.  Today, we’re going to look at just such a light from Easine.  But wait…there’s more!

What is it?

The EASINE piano lamp with metronome is a lamp designed to sit atop your piano.  It features a light that is designed to only illuminate the keyboard and sheet music without shining in your eyes. The light is physically adjustable for lighting position as well as offering adjustments for color temperature and brightness. This one is special as it also has an integrated digital metronome to help you keep time as you play. 

What’s in the box?

easine lamp 10

  • EASINE piano lamp with metronome
    easine lamp 11
  • Power adapter(1.5m)
  • User manual
  • Greeting card from Easine

Hardware specs

  • Model number: ES-PL01
  • Dimensions:
    • Light bar outside width: 21.25″
    • Maximum height: 16.5″
    • Base: approximately 5″ square
  • Weight: 9.88 lbs
  • Light design: 20in, 72 LED
  • Light adjustment: arm can be adjusted 90°, and the light panel can be adjusted 60°
  • Material: Aluminium alloy and plastics
  • Color: Black
  • Controls: dual touch panel – one for the lamp, one for the metronome
  • Light color temperature: 2700K-5700K
  • Lighting functions: 5 steps dimmable + 6 steps color temperature
  • Power requirement: 100-240VAC
  • Metronome adjustability:
    • tempo: 40/min to 208/min
    • beats: 0-9
    • rhythm: 9 modes
    • volume: X steps
    • on/off with auto-off backlight

Design and features

easine lamp 3

The EASINE piano lamp with metronome is a contemporary designed lamp that sits atop your piano.  The base has a non-slip, non-mar rubber bottom. The light bar is mounted on a pair of arms that pivot. The arms can move a full 90 degrees.

easine lamp 6

The head can pivot up to 60 degrees, letting you get perfect placement.

easine lamp 5

See that tab extending below the head?  That is the eye shield.  It blocks the light panel from the pianist’s eyes.

easine lamp 1

All the light controls are touch controls mounted on the front of the light bar.

easine lamp 9

From left to right:

  • Minus sign – lower the light level
  • Plus sign – raise the light level
  • Circle – on/off
  • Sun – make the color temperature warmer (more yellow)
  • Moon – make the color temperature cooler (bluer)
  • Heart – save/recall a favorite setting – hold for two seconds to set the favorite lighting settings – hit it to recall

Under the light bar, we see the light diffusing panel that softens the delivery of the light from the 72 LEDs under the diffuser.

easine lamp 7

The front of the base contains the controls and speaker outlet for the metronome.

easine lamp 8

The circle at the bottom is the on/off touch control for the metronome.  You can see the speaker grill right below that. The display turns off a few seconds after turning off the metronome, leaving only the power button circle lightly illuminated.  You can see the illuminated touch controls for volume up and down, rhythm mode, tempo speed, and beats per measure. The number at the top shows the tempo, from 40-208/minute. The number at the bottom right shows the number of beats per measure. The music note display on the lower left shows the rhythm selection.  The oval display above the rhythm and beat display actively shows the measure’s beats as they play.


The EASINE piano lamp with metronome comes fully assembled.  To set it up, you plug the power cord into the back of the base and then into the wall.  Then, place the lamp on your piano and position the head as needed. The non-skid, non-mar base holds the lamp solidly in place.


easine lamp 4

As you can see, the EASINE piano lamp with metronome looks good on the piano. It does an excellent job providing directed lighting to the sheet music and keyboard without shining in the pianist’s eyes. The light is glare-free and has no discernable flicker, so it is easy on the eyes.

easine lamp 2

Here’s a look at the lighting control.

And here is a look at the metronome adjustments.

The volume can be adjusted from very quiet to very, very loud.  This means the metronome should be usable for just about any piece you might want to play, regardless of whether it should be played pianissimo or fortissimo.

One thing that Easine doesn’t provide is any real information about the metronome in the manual.  There is only a cursory explanation of the metronome functions in the manual and even less online.  Beats per measure and tempo are pretty self-explanatory, but the rhythm adjustments could use a little more description. I guess that if you’re a seasoned musician, then you understand it all, but typically, metronomes are marketed toward students.

One other thing I noted was that the pivot points for the arms were not very tight.  I would like to feel a little more friction as I move the arm to ensure that the head stays in position without dropping. So far, it seems to be holding steady.

What I like

  • Good looks
  • Great adjustability, both for position and light output and color
  • High-quality, non-glare, non-flicker light output
  • Full-function metronome, albeit without any real instructions for use

What I’d change

  • Include a better explanation of the metronome’s functions, especially rhythm
  • I’d like the pivot points to be just a little bit tighter

Final thoughts

The EASINE piano lamp with metronome is a very nice piano light.  It offers terrific light output without shining in the pianist’s eyes.  The addition of the metronome is awesome and adds to the value of this lamp.  Astute readers might notice that this looks similar to another piano lamp I reviewed, the BenQ PianoLight, and those readers would be right. It is similar in function in terms of lighting.  What it is missing is the proximity sensor on the BenQ allowing for auto on/off functionality.  To me, that’s a minor function.  What the Easine light adds is the full-function metronome, and it does that at a better price point.  This makes the Easine piano lamp worth a look for the aspiring or accomplished pianist in your life that could benefit from excellent lighting and helping maintain proper tempo.

Price: $199.99
Where to buy: Easine and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Easine.

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