Lastar Modern Pro LED Floor Lamp – It brightens up my day review

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REVIEW – Since we moved into our new house in late June of last year, I have been trying to optimize my work from home office.  My desk is very wide at 66 inches.  Clamp-on desk lamps would not illuminate my entire workspace.  I also needed a light that was flexible enough to continue lighting my work area when I lifted my desk to the stand-up position.  The Lastar floor lamp seems like it could do the job for me without taking up any desk space.  Read on to see how it does.

What is it?

The Lastar floor lamp is exactly what you might guess… a floor lamp.

What’s in the box?

First off I want to state that the Lastar floor lamp came very nicely packed.  It was well insulated from damage in a very thick cardboard box and foam as you can see in the picture below.

The lamp came disassembled in several pieces.

  • One base
  • One head unit with controller built-in
  • two pole extensions
  • three wire clips
  • one user manual
  • power adapter

Hardware specs

  • Model: CM002
  • Light Source: LED
  • Brightness: 1800 lumen
  • LED Qty: 84
  • Operate Voltage: DC 10V 1.2A
  • Power: 10W-12W
  • Color Temperature: 2800K-5500K
  • The height of the lamp as shown in the featured image is right about 53 inches.

Design and features

The Lastar floor lamp has three lighting modes.  You can run it at 5500k, 4000k, and 2800k.  In each mode, you can brighten or dim the light up to four times.  The picture below shows you the controls on the lamp.

All of these buttons are touch buttons and there is no tactile feel.  From the top-down, the plus button will brighten the light, the minus button will dim the light, the ‘M’ button lets you switch between the three modes, and then there is the power button.

In the back of the control module, you will find the port to plug in the power supply.  In the picture below it is the small metal dot.

The top head of the floor lamp is built into a flexible rubber feeling arm.  You can bend it in multiple positions depending on how you would like to set up your lamp.  The pictures below give you an idea of how flexible it is.


Setup was very easy.  I screwed the two pole pieces together and screwed the pole section labeled number one into the base.  I then screwed the top section with the controller in light into pole section 2.  Finally, I plugged in the adapter in the back of the controller and used the provided clips to hold the wire in place down the pole.   The picture below is a closeup of the adapter plugged in and the first clip.

This next picture shows the wire running down the entire pole.


I really love the flexibility and light choices the Lastar floor lamp provides.  I am using it with my work desk at home.  The three pictures below show it lighting up my work area at its brightest level in each of the three modes.  I keep it in the middle mode.  That first mode at 5000k can be really quite bright and I find it too harsh to work in for an extended period of time.  I do think though that when it comes time to do some fine detail on some 3d prints cleanups that light level will be perfect.

The next two pictures show you the difference in light between the highest and lowest setting in the 2800k level.

I found that I can also continue to use the lamp when I put my desk in standing mode!

What I like

  • Easy to set up
  • Three light choices
  • Five different light levels per mode.
  • Flexible head that allows me to configure it exactly as I wish.

What needs to be improved

  • Maybe find a way to connect the power source down at the base so you don’t have an ugly wire running down the pole.

Final thoughts

I do love the Lastar floor lamp and use it every day in the morning when I work from home.  I start work at 7 and the sun is not rising here until around 7:30.   I love that I do not have to take up any desk space with this lamp.   I was able to set the light head exactly where I want it and it illuminates my entire workspace even when the desk is in standing mode.  I think this lamp is a keeper!

Price: $59.99
Where to buyAmazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lastar.

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