Olight Olamp Nightour LED table lamp review – It’s a lamp that is also a flashlight!

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REVIEW – If you’re into flashlights then it’s certain that you’ve heard of Olight’s flashlights. I even have one in my Julie’s favorite gear list. We’ve reviewed quite a few of their EDC flashlights but this is the first table lamp that we’ve reviewed. That’s because the Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp is their first lamp of this type. Let’s take a closer look.

What is it?

The Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp is a small dimmable lamp that has a removable lamp head that can function as a flashlight.

What’s in the box?

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  • Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

Design and features

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The Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp stands 15.61in/396.4mm tall and is constructed of anodized black aluminum alloy.

The 3.35in/85mm wide base has a built-in toggle switch that controls the ambient lighting modes of the Nightour’s stem. See what the ambient lighting modes look like by watching the video below.

WHITE LIGHT (HIGHEST) Runtime – 4hrs 20mins
WHITE LIGHT (LOWEST) Runtime – 31hrs
RGB COLOR MODE 1 – 2~10 lumens
RGB COLOR MODE 1 Runtime – 13hrs
RGB COLOR MODE 2 – 2~10 lumens
RGB COLOR MODE 2 Runtime – 15hrs

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On the back of the base, you’ll find a USB-C port that is used to charge the lamp’s built-in 4000mAh Lithium-ion battery.

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The bottom of the lamp’s base has a shallow suction cup that keeps the lamp firmly in place on a flat smooth surface.

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At the top of the lamp is the lamp head which is held in place with magnets.

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The magnetic holder has a power button/dimmer button on top that is used to control the lamp head. Remember, the stem lighting effects are controlled with the switch on the base.

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The angle of the lamp head can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.

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The lamp head has its own built-in 100mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The lamp head has a max of 90 lumens and can be dimmed down to a minimum of 1 lumen.

WHITE LIGHT (HIGHEST) Runtime – 15mins
WHITE LIGHT (LOWEST) Runtime – 10.5hrs

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I think the Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp has a cool industrial design.

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The really cool part is that this lamp can be used as a reading light, ambient light, and even a flashlight. Check out the video below to see those features in action.

See it in action

As you saw from the video, the Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp can be used unplugged for the ambient light features, but if you want to easily use the actual lamp head, it has to be plugged in because the head does not have any buttons to control it. You can, however, turn the light on and off by giving it a vigorous shake. But, you can’t change the brightness level when it is detached from the lamp. I would like to see the lamp head have it’s own controls.

What I like

  • Ambient light, reading lamp, and flashlight all in one
  • Rechargeable

What I’d change

  • Allow full and easy use of flashlight/lamp head when unplugged

Final thoughts

The Olight Olamp Nightour LED Table Lamp is an interesting little lamp from a well-known and regarded flashlight company. I like the design of the Nightour and the ambient light features. I just wish that the lamp head/flashlight features were a little more robust and that the flashlight could be fully controlled when detached from the lamp itself.

Price: $99.95
Where to buy: Olight
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Olight.

6 thoughts on “Olight Olamp Nightour LED table lamp review – It’s a lamp that is also a flashlight!”

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  2. The lamp head can be turned on and off when disconnected. Just shake it twice to toggle on and off. If you watch Olight’s video about this lamp, you will see it also works with the Baton 3 or the Olbulb MC on the lamp head.

    1. Ha! What do you know! I just tried it and it worked but you have to give a really vigorous shake. Cool though. I’ll have to update the review and see if there’s an easy way to update the video. Thanks!

  3. You can also use an Obulb MC in place of the flashlight as well a baton 3 flashlight with the lamp. Obulb mc will give you a broader light

  4. i was not happy about one thing though . they told me not to keep it plugged . once its charged your suppose to unplug it .
    i thought that was allitle odd

  5. Just received mine from the New Year’s sale. While the “What’s in the box” section clearly lists what is included, it might be worth highlighting the fact that a wall plug is not included. I am used to that with Olight flashlights, but didn’t even consider that a lamp would not include the plug. You will need to provide your own 5V, 2A wall plug (what Olight recommends for maximum charging speed).

  6. G. Christopher Lyn

    I think it’s because constantly charging a 100% charged lithium battery will reduce the lifespan of the battery. The cable does not have a smart chip which shuts off or reduces the amps on the battery is fully charged.

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