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I've had the same "Brand B" big-name label maker for nearly 15 years.  Why would I need another one?  Sure, my old one is heavy, hard-to-read, and often frustrating to use... Okay, maybe it's time to give the Epson LabelWorks Safety Kit a look. All images can be clicked to view in full size. From [...]

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I've been a fan of DYMO label printers for years. I still use their  Twin Turbo label and stamp printer which I reviewed 6 years ago (see related posts at the bottom of this review). They recently asked if I would be interested in reviewing their LabelManager 500TS. The TS stands for touch screen. Let's see if [...]

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A good label maker is one of those things that you do not realize how useful it can be until you have one. Pretty much every container, drawer, and file in my shop at work is labeled and it has made my life so much easier in so many ways (like trying to tell someone [...]

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Bring a little pizazz to your organization system with labels printed with these new label printers from Epson.  You can create professional looking labels using the 14 fonts, 75 frames, and more than 300 symbols included with these LabelWorks printers.  They also use significantly smaller lead margins for up to 60% less margin waste.  Epson [...]

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DYMO PnP (Plug and Print) Label Manager.  This device enables you to make and print labels using your computer interface and prints directly to the label maker tape device.

Remember the old days in label making?  They weren't necessarily good old days either.  For those too young to remember, skip this review because I think Spongebob is on.  For those old enough to remember when The Partridge Family was cool and a job at Burger King was the bomb, stay with me. You remember [...]

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