The 4-wheeled RowBike gets you where you want to go and gives you a whole body workout at the same time which burns 50% more calories than a traditional bike. Invented by Scott Olson, the creator of Rollerblade inline skates, the RowBike is a rowing machine built onto a 4-wheeled bike frame. RowBikes are available… Read More

When you think about the construction of a bicycle, you probably think of high tech light weight metals and materials like carbon fiber. But wood is probably not a material that comes to mind when you k about bicycles. After you take a look at the new John Day bicycle from Renovo Hardwood Bicycles, that… Read More

The new Polar M460 GPS is an advanced bike computer that offers features for serious cyclists like power meter compatibility, power metrics, smart coaching, and Strava Live Segments that allows cyclists to see their real-time stats to help them reach their performance goals. The Polar M460 also shows notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar… Read More

Cities everywhere have bike share programs, but the people who use them often do not use helmets. The EcoHelmet, designed by Isis Shiffer, is a recyclable, inexpensive solution designed to fill that need. It is made with "waterproofed [biodegradable coating lasts three hours] recycled paper in a radial honeycomb pattern" and one size generally fits… Read More

One of the things I find most intriguing about gadgets is the prevalence of convergence. A great example of a convergent device is a Swiss Army knife. The Sena Smart Helmet may be the world's first Swiss Army Cycling Helmet. It includes an integrated QHD camera and communication system. The camera allows the recording of up to 2 hours of QHD quality (1440p)… Read More

Most of us who bike, work and live in places where we have to interact constantly with motorized vehicular traffic. Since it's very important for the drivers to know you are present, safety reflectors are a part of almost every bike sold. And most of them are cheap plastic things that get easily damaged, look… Read More

If you have been following any of the Tour de France as it rounds its way through Europe, you have seen a segment or two captured by a handlebar, helmet or seat mounted GoPro. These shots often capture the essence of the race: clearly depicting the speed, endurance, congestion and competitive nature of the event. But not… Read More

Before being thrust into adulthood, I used to ride my bike everywhere; it was one of my favorite things to do. Although I haven't ridden a bike in years, my children are at the age where they are learning how to ride bikes. I love the idea of taking family bike rides and am exploring the… Read More

When I received the Avido All-In-One, I expected a nice flashlight for my bike with some extra bells and whistles.  What I didn’t expect was a really fun day trying it out. The Avido All-In-One comes nicely packaged, as we expect of all our toys now.  The package contains the Avido All-In-One with an LED… Read More

Want to park your bike against a wall, but want to use the absolute smallest hardware you can find?  The Clug bike clip is a teeny tiny clip that promises to do just that, and is a snap to install. Modern art?  Baby chew toy?  This is the Clug, a clever two-part plastic clip that comes… Read More

I'm mostly a recreational rider, but I can image that for those of you who ride your bicycles more than a couple of miles, you feel just how stiff you and your bike are. The ShockStop is a shock absorbing stem that fits between your handlebars and the front frame of your bike. The stem… Read More

As a kid, I loved almost all things glow-in-the-dark. The Zulu bicycle from Pure Fix Cycles is a glow-in-the-dark bicycle that I would have loved to have owned. The paint is solar-activated and just one hour in the sun will give you about one hour of nighttime glow. This is a single speed bicycle that… Read More

Riding a bike at night can be a dangerous task; even with the proper lights and reflectors, motorists may have difficulty seeing you. Fortunately, there is a new IndieGogo project that will make your bike stand out no matter how dark it is. The Revolights Eclipse+ is a set of rings that connect to your… Read More

Cyclists who want to enjoy their sport and transportation method while remaining safe and visible, should check out Zackees. Zackees are cycling gloves that have designed with built-in LED turn signals that light up with a simple press thumb press. A bright LED arrow lights up to let drivers know your intention to turn. Zackees… Read More

If you're cyclist and a gadget geek, I've found the perfect Kickstarter project for you. Cydekick is a generator you attach to your bike that allows you to power a high intensity LED headlight. Additionally, you can purchase a USB hub allowing you to charge a phone, GPS, or action camera. It works using electromagnetic… Read More