We've covered several PhotoFast products over the years, but this is their first portable storage adapter that features 4 ways to connect. It has a USB Type-C connector, a USB 3.0 connector, a Lightning connector and a micro USB connector. What's the iType-C 4-in-1 portable storage adapter used for? All kinds of things. Plug the [...]

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For lucky gadgeteers, Saturdays are for sleeping in late, relaxing and taking the time to catch up on your favorite gadget news and review site... The Gadgeteer! To help you out with that last task, I have a complete list of everything we've posted this week on the site. Click through and enjoy. Archeer Apple Watch [...]

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There are only nine days until Halloween. Do your kids have their trick or treating costumes picked out and do you have your Halloween party costume picked out? Don't give up, there is still time. You can head over to Amazon and check out their vast selection, including the Harley Quinn and Deadpool costumes shown [...]

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Are you a beverage drinker? Gotta have your java in the morning (like yours truly)? The travel container in which I carry my daily coffee works fine, but it does take up a lot of space in my EDC. That's one reason why stojo caught my eye. It's a 12-ounce (355 mL) beverage cup that collapses [...]

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You'd never know it with this heat wave we're having in the south this week, but it's autumn now and time for sitting around a campfire or the fire pit in the backyard.  You'll be able to roast hot dogs or marshmallows without having to hunt for the perfect stick, and without worrying about splinters [...]

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Ever found yourself in need of a quick hose-down but you're nowhere near a garden hose? I have. After obstacle course races, GORUCK Challenges and other outdoorsy, get-muddy style events or activities, it would be great to have a quick rinse, but I typically don't have the luxury of being near a water source. The RinseKit [...]

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This beautiful stool with built-in guitar stand is handmade in the US by fillingham, an Etsy store.  The Guitar Stool/Guitar Stand is made to order from "wood, walnut, ash, felt, cork, and yacht braid."  fillingham says:  "Hardwood surfaces (walnut and ash) are finished with a custom, hand rubbed finish that improves with age and use. [...]

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Officially licensed by Star Wars and Disney, these Star Wars themed air fresheners have been designed to clip to your car's air vent slats so air flowing out of the vents and through Darth Vader's or the  Stormtrooper's head will help make any funky smells in your car quickly vanish. Only real Star Wars collectible [...]

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We've shown you several Nixie tube clocks, chess sets, and thermometers over the years, but they all were steampunk in style.  Many of them were also kits that you needed to assemble yourself.  ThinkGeek has two Nixie tube clocks from Nuvitron that don't require assembly, and they aren't steampunk.  Both clocks use new old-stock tubes [...]

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Everybody knows that a peanut butter or jelly-covered knife laying on the edge of the sink means you haven't decided if you're going to make another sandwich or not.  This keeps the counter free of smears, and it keeps the knife clean - so long as it doesn't fall into the sink.  You won't have [...]

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I recently got a new iMac, and it came with the new Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2.  Those new accessories are very much like the Bluetooth keyboard and original Magic Mouse I've used for ages, with one big difference - they have rechargeable batteries built in.  Now I don't like throwing away batteries, but I [...]

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I'm a fan of simplicity and minimalism, but also of function and durability. The fellows from Grip6 must be kindred spirits because they put these elements into the design and construction of their belts. Grip6 belts consist of only a metal plate and a strip of webbing. That's it. No traditional buckle, no holes, no flap [...]

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The only thing worse than not taking your umbrella on a day when rain is expected is losing it.  You won't have to worry about either event with the Bluetooth Never Lost Umbrella by Kisha.  The umbrella is 100% windproof and corrosion-proof.  It has 16 ribs and a "perfect opening and closing mechanism".  Pair it [...]

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A bored cat can be a destructive cat.  This Laser Chasing Scratching Post can keep your cat's interest until he's tuckered out and too tired to scratch up your furniture.  The post has a four-speed laser that stops, turns, and races in unpredictable patterns to engage your cat's (prey drive) urge to chase things.  The [...]

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Hanging pictures can be a nightmare of measuring tapes, levels, and holes in the walls - only to end up with your pictures still crooked and out of line.  With the Gallery Magic system, you won't have to work so hard and still end up with nicely spaced and level artwork.  The first part of [...]

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