If you just picked up a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6 and would like to protect and extend its battery life, meet the Power Jacket from Brando. The Power Jacket protects the back of the phone, while also adding an extra 3200 mAh of battery life. It snaps on the back of the phone and [...]

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Like many other charging stands created for the Apple Watch, the BLOC is a sleek, elegant charging station for your Apple Watch.  It will look and work perfectly on your bedside table for those nightly charging sessions.  Unlike most other charging stands, the BLOC is also a portable power bank for your Watch, just in [...]

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Summer's nearly here, and it's almost time to start planning picnics.  If you don't like sitting on the ground with the dirt and insects, you probably prefer going to places with picnic tables available, but with the Multi Function Rolling Cooler with Table and 2 Chairs, you can go anywhere and still enjoy using a [...]

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After reading Julie's posts comparing Android and Apple, do you find yourself firmly in the pro-Android camp?  Or maybe you're just in the pro-cute robot camp?  These official Google-approved bot figures from the Big Box Edition collectors series will make a cute addition to your office or home desk to show your Android or robot pride.  Each [...]

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Did you visit The Gadgeteer every day this week to get your daily dose of gadget related news, articles and reviews? If you answered no, then here’s a quick way to catch up. Click through to see the full list of news, articles and reviews from this past week. Lutman Swich premium Qi wireless charging [...]

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Continuing their line of little handmade, bookbound accessories, DODOcase has introduced their Dual Charging Dock Organizer for iPhone and Apple Watch.  This little book has a Baltic birch interior carved to hold an iPhone (any size with or without many cases, or even an iPad mini) as it charges.  The platform in front of the iPhone holds [...]

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I got an email from Amazon outlining the new features added to their Fire TV with the newly-released OS 1.5 update.  The update adds the following features: "Expandable USB storage—Use a connected USB flash drive to expand your Amazon Fire TV storage for downloaded apps and games—this enables you to have more games downloaded for [...]

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These organized storage boxes from XSories can protect your action camera and its accessories, your other mobile devices, or even your lunch.  The Universal Capxule cases are made of NBR, ABS, aluminium, rubber.  EVA perimeter walls to absorb shock and a molded grab handle to make it easy to carry.  Inside is a mesh pocket and [...]

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Pictures of a new product called Notch.  Notch is a hat thats has a notch cut out so that sunglasses fit comfortably within the brim of the hat. Product designer Paul Cunningham of Yuma, Arizona

I wear glasses daily (I can't wear contacts) and wear ballcap-style hats often, especially when outdoors. I sometimes wish I could pull my cap down lower over my eyes, but my glasses or shades get in the way. Notch must have been reading my mind, because their hats potentially solve this problem.  Founded by a U.S. [...]

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SUB Sports Utility Bag

We are a multitasking society and with that we expect the items we use on a daily basis to be the same. But when it comes to gym bags, they seem to have fallen behind in this trend. Living in the time crunched world we do today we often find ourselves heading from a workout [...]

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You like getting the information your fitness tracker provides, but do you ever get tired of the way you have to wear it?  If you'd like a change from the rubber wrist band or the plastic clip-on case, check out the fitness tracker accessories that Griffin has for you.  Griffin says their wearable accessories line [...]

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Most of the Apple Watch accessories I've seen to now have been charging stands, backup batteries, and even pads to lay the Watch on while you're not wearing it, but more and more companies are offering actual covers for the watch's metal body.  Spigen has an ExactFit Apple Watch Slim Premium Matte Finish Hard Case that [...]

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Mophie Spacestation

Being an iPhone and iPad user over the past 4 years, the one thing that I have found is that I tend to run up against the file storage limitations of those devices. I especially find it an issue when trying to edit movies or music on the road. Mophie, a company we know at The [...]

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If you don't like to leave home without your digital data, you should check out the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth USB 3.0 flash drive.  The casing is made of anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum, and it's waterproof to 200 meters, and it's both vibration- and shock-resistant.  Because it's USB 3.0, it offers read-speeds up to 4 times faster [...]

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If you like your accessories to be unusual and not something everyone you'll meet will be carrying, too, then you need to check out Tovi Sorga's beautiful, colorful leather goods.  Tovi's biography says he is an "independent artist, designer and craftsman of bespoke, printed leather fashion accessories. He is one of the only leather-craft artisans [...]

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From the world’s stupidest products category comes the Duracell Powermat + Ring. This product is for people who have devices that don't have wireless charging built in and no common sense. Just plug the huge plastic loopy thing into the micro USB connector on your device and then set it on the two piece charging pad. [...]

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Logitech is now offering their popular Keys-To-Go keyboard for the iPad, redesigned for Android and Windows Mobile devices. This  ultra portable Bluetooth keyboard features a water-repellent FabricSkin that protects the keyboard from spills and dirt, a well-spaced layout with Android and Windows shortcut keys, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months and a [...]

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If you put the battery-powered BerryBreeze on the top shelf of your refrigerator, the manufacturer promises that it will keep your stored foods fresher for up to 2-3 times longer than normal.  The BerryBreeze "filters and cleans the air in your fridge. Using newly-patented technology, BerryBreeze fills your refrigerator with activated oxygen to neutralize bacteria, [...]

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For those times when you need to tidy up your hairdo but don't have access to your normal set of beauty tools, I present the Go-Comb. The Go-Comb is a fine toothed comb that has been specially designed to fit in your wallet's credit card slot so that it becomes part of your EDC. Available [...]

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Sometimes a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth just isn't enough to clean all the junk off your screen, but carrying a cleaning kit with a spray bottle isn't always convenient.  You can just toss a pack of Well-Kept pre-moistened towelettes in your gear bag, and you'll be able to clean dirt, fingerprints, and smudges [...]

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