Taking a temperature is something we do when we or our kids are sick. There are old fashioned glass thermometers, more modern digital thermometers, higher tech thermometers that plug into your smartphone and then there's the Withings Thermo. Withings, the well-known and well-respected health products brand has added the battery powered Thermo thermometer to their [...]

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The GEKO Smart Whistle is a personal safety device that will send your pre-defined contact list an SMS message, email or phone call with your location when you press the button or blow into it for more than two seconds. You can also send them an audio recording if you're unable to speak. After deactivating [...]

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Whether you're camping in the woods or in the backyard by the fire, you don't want to lose your marshmallow roasting stick!  I remember as a kid, after an exhaustive search in the woods to find my perfect twig for roasting, I would eventually lose it only to find it later after it's on the [...]

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Remember in the 80s when video gaming took a major leap from the old Atari systems? You know when 8-bit arcades games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bro., and even TECMO BOWL hit the home gaming system. Nintendo remembers because they are the ones who brought them to you, and now they are bringing [...]

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Just when I finished reviewing the huge Braven BRV-XXL, they released the smallest of the Braven family; the Braven 105 Active. The 105 is made for just that—an active lifestyle. While you could conceivably get more exercise jogging while carrying  the 18 lb. BRV-XXL, it’s obviously not practical—and just plain weird. The Braven 105, however, [...]

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This week I'm featuring four crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter that have caught my eye for being unique and worth checking out. Click through to check out this week’s list of notable Kickstarter projects. What is it? The Pen Uno is a minimalist aluminum pen that uses the Hi-Tec C Coleto ink cartridge and can turn [...]

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The notion of only having small earbuds in each ear, without cords of any kind, should make many activities where cord management and cord noise are problematic, such as running or exercising, more enjoyable and immersive.  There are a few players in this relatively new field of gadget, notably: Bragi, Earin, Motorola, and BÖHM. Skybuds, manufactured by Alpha Audiotronics, Inc., [...]

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Summer's here and the weather is perfect for going to the beach and taking a dip in the ocean. But ever since the 1975 movie "Jaws", the level of awareness for shark attacks has been heightened. While rare, shark attacks do happen and can be deadly. Recent data shows that shark attacks are on the rise. [...]

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Wait, don't laugh and don't hit the back button on your browser. I know the image of a whiteboard mounted in the shower looks goofy, but stop and think about the times that you've had a great idea while showering, only to forget the thought as soon as you finished washing your ears. Ideas can [...]

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Do you check out The Gadgeteer Monday through Friday? If you answered no to that question, that will make me really sad. Ok, I know you’re busy and might not have time to visit the site each day. That’s why I post these weekly roundup lists every Saturday. They have links to all of the [...]

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Last year Janet told us about the Sideclick crowdfunding campaign for the snap-on universal remote sidecar for several streaming media devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player and Roku. As a reminder, Sideclick is a slim universal remote attachment that snaps onto existing media streaming device remotes and adds programmable IR buttons, giving [...]

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BBQ masters with nocturnal grilling tendencies will no longer need to juggle a flashlight in one hand while flipping burgers with the other if they use the Grillight Grilling Spatula. Made of restaurant grade stainless steel, this two-in-one meat flipper is also a flashlight too. It features a bright high powered LED in the handle [...]

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What do you get when you cross a sleeping bag, a "puffy" style coat and a blanket? My best guess would be a Rumpl. Billed as "high performance blankets," Rumpl uses technical materials designed for the outdoor industry to produce blankets for indoor OR outdoor use, making them great for snuggling up by a campfire or [...]

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After years of offering one of the most popular indoor security cameras, Nest has introduced the Nest Cam Outdoors. This weatherproof camera has been designed for outdoors installations which means you'll finally be able to see what's going on at night. That's the biggest complaint that I have with all the indoor security cameras that [...]

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Lux Blox are a snap and lock hinge building system that allows kids and adults to use their imagination by creating models that can curve, bend, flex, twist, turn and move while remaining strong and stable. The shape of the blox are built around nature. We call Lux "the principled block" because we intentionally designed [...]

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