Battery power has always been a Gadgeteer's nightmare especially on phones and finally phone manufacturers are doing something about it.  Qualcomm has its Quickcharge, Oppo has its VOOC Flash Charge from a hardware perspective and there's a a multitude of third party apps on the Google Play Store that are supposed to extend your Android phone's [...]

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Eight years ago, I posted a handful of Gadgeteer Spotlight interviews with people behind some very well-known gadget brands. I had a lot of fun with those interviews and thought it was time to bring them back. To kick off the reboot of Gadgeteer Spotlight articles, I'll be interviewing Judie Stanford of Gear Diary. Those of [...]

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I was starting to get the feeling that Google hated me. Why? Because I ordered a 64GB Nexus 6P in Frost white on the first day it was available for pre-order and I still haven't received it while other people who ordered days and weeks later than I did, already have had their phone for days [...]

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Last month we turned back the hands of time 15 years to revisit my review of the Sony CLIE (PEG-S300) PDA. Do you remember the year 2000 and all the hoopla of a new century with the scare of potential Y2K computer issues. Fun times! Fifteen years ago cell phones were too large to fit [...]

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Earlier this week I was invited to an event at Citizen Watch's Flagship store in New York's Times Square. The event was an unveiling of Citizen's newest timepieces, the Satellite Wave-World Time GPS and the Satellite Wave F900. Both watches use GPS to set the date and time. Citizen claims these are the most accurate [...]

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Last week Jeanne and I vacationed in the Panama City Beach, Florida area on Seagrove Beach, Florida. I highly recommend it as vacation destination because the beach was the nicest one I'd ever visited and the sand felt as fine as flour. As with most trips, I always struggle to decide which tech devices to [...]

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Today is the day that Google will officially unveil their new Nexus smartphones. I've been looking forward to this day for quite awhile because I decided I that this would be the year that I would buy a Nexus phone. I've been wanting the stock Android experience and quick OS updates for a long time, [...]

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The Gadgeteer turned 18 years old last month (August, 2015). As the old saying goes, "time flies when you're having fun" and it is so true. I can't believe I've been writing gadget news and reviews for that long. I thought it might be fun start a new feature where we take a trip down memory [...]

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Love them or hate them, crowdfunding campaigns are here to stay. Although Kickstarter was not the first crowdfunding site to appear on the web, it's the one I always think of first. If you're a gadget freak who lives on the bleeding edge, Kickstarter is where you can go to  find some of the newest and [...]

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A month ago I posted a gadget diary entry about how I have been thinking about switching back to the iPhone. After yesterday's mega Apple event, I have made my decision and will be pre-ordering the iPhone 6s Plus this Saturday morning. Why am I going to switch from Android and why have I picked the [...]

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Each month my electric company (Duke Energy) sends me an energy report to let me know how my electricity usage compares to similar homes in my area. Ever since they began sending these reports, my house has always been shown to use more electricity, which translates into paying higher bills. Even after switching most of [...]

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Yesterday's Samsung Unpacked event left me feeling disappointed about their new hardware announcements. However, their Samsung Pay announcement caught my attention. If you aren't familiar with Samsung Pay, it's Samsung's mobile payment application. Like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Android Pay (not available yet) and CurrentC (also not available yet), it's a way to use your phone to pay [...]

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It's been almost three years since I put my iPhone 4s in a drawer and switched over to an Android device as my full-time smartphone. Since I made that switch, I've used a Samsung Galaxy SIII, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and my current phone, an LG G3. I've also used Android tablets like the Nexus [...]

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This is my response to John's article from yesterday. The Apple Watch has been out for 3 months now. I bought a 38mm Space Gray Apple Watch Sport at 12:07 a.m. Pacific Time on April 24, 2015. I showed up on my doorstep in Austin, TX, a week and a half later. I have worn [...]

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First, let me get this out of the way.  I am an admitted Apple fanboy.  Although I held off on an iPhone until last December when I finally made the Android to iOS switch with an iPhone 6+ (128 GB).  My main computer now is a 2013 MacBook Pro, and I also have a 2008 [...]

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