They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. By that definition, I'm insane because I continue to look for ways to turn a tablet or even my smartphone into my primary all in one computer. Why would I even want try that? Because… Read More

I seem to switch my everyday carry bag about once a year.  In early 2017, I decided to make a switch from shoulder bag to backpack. I work in an office and drive to work, so I don't need to carry that much.  Still, I like to pack light yet be prepared. My trusty backpack… Read More

I have recently updated some of the items in my everyday carry bag (purse/gadget bag). In the past, I've carried a small purse because I like to carry as little as possible, but with all the gadgets I have accumulated over time, I needed to upgrade a few years ago to a larger bag. So… Read More

It's been awhile since we last did an EDC post!  This time around, my bag is slightly lighter, although I still carry a bunch of tech gear with me.  I'll be starting a coding boot camp in New York City shortly, so now my bag carries more of what a student will be using.  … Read More

The items we Gadgeteers schlep around rivals the best standing armies on earth for pure variety and sophistication. I love seeing what others are carrying and thinking about how it may affect my regular bag contents. I don't routinely travel or even commute for work anymore, so my EDC kit tends to match whatever trip I… Read More

From a functionality standpoint, my everyday carry gear bag has remained relatively unchanged for years. I have swapped out a few items here and there due to better, high-tech gear but overall it is just evolutionary vs anything revolutionary. Like the rest of the Gadgeteer team and many of you, I take my EDC bag with me a majority of the… Read More

It's that time again, time to update my EDC gear. As in past years, I really don't have a true EDC setup I have more of a travel setup as I work from home and don't go out a lot. So here it is.  MixBag:  I reviewed this bag and love its versatility. It is… Read More

For my everyday carry items, I am just going to focus on my messenger bag since that it what I have with me 5 days a week as well as just some personal effects that I carry on me. If I had to do a list of what is in my camera gear bag then… Read More

Would you like to become a writer on the Gadgeteer team and write about fun gadgets and gear? I currently have 3-4 positions that I need to fill. Click through to see how to apply to my team of gadget and gear freaks! I've received over 25 applicants and am not accepting any more at this… Read More

The Gadgeteer Kid is now a 6’3” teenager. Being raised in the Gadgeteer lifestyle he definitely has an opinion about most technologies. Well, in this case the Fam was watching a show and the latest Verizon commercial came on where they try to convince the world 5gb is enough data for most people. We are… Read More

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) just released their course catalog that is unlike any college catalog that I've ever seen. The SCAD catalog has over 380 pages that come to life with AR (augmented reality) through 1,000 videos, graphics, and animations. Install the free iOS or Android SCAD app and then click… Read More

Although I review a LOT of gadgets, I don't end up using many of them once the review is done. Most of the time, the samples go up on a shelf until there's no room left and I decide to do a purge which consists of taking bags of gadgets to work to give away… Read More

Every year either on or around December 31st, I like to put together a list of our most popular news, reviews and articles of the year according to Google’s traffic statistics for the site. I think it's interesting to see which articles and topics were the most popular with our readers. Any ideas what the… Read More

My mobile operating system of choice is Android and my desktop operating system of choice is macOS. When you pair those two together you have to jump through more hoops when you transfer files back and forth than you do if you use Android with Windows. For example, if I snap a picture with my… Read More

Today we post the last part of the team's favorite gear of 2016 lists including my own favorites. Click through to read our picks and don't forget to check out parts 1 - 3 too! Don’t miss: The year in review – Favorite gadgets of the Gadgeteer team for 2016 (part 1) The year in… Read More