The Gadgeteer team’s favorite knives

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gadgeteer fav knives 2023

ARTICLE – I asked everyone on The Gadgeteer team who has reviewed knives this year to tell me their favorites for their EDC or everyday use so we could share what we think with all of you. Here are the results!

Julie Strietelmeier

ToughBuilt Reload Utility Knife

ToughBuilt Reload Utility Knife and Scraper Utility Knife review – World’s first magazine driven utility knife

I was supposed to pick a knife that I reviewed this year but to be completely honest, I don’t use any of the knives that I reviewed this year. But I still use the ToughBuilt Reload Utility Knife all the time. It’s the knife I use when it’s time to break down boxes for recycling. The handle is very comfortable, and swapping out blades is easy. It’s my favorite utility knife of all time (so far).
Where to buyLowes and Amazon

Kenneth Woodham

Kansept Tuckamore knife

Kansept Knives Collaboration Collection review – A beautiful bounty of blades!

My favorite knife I’ve reviewed this year is one I won’t even use. Sounds ridiculous, I agree. I’ve
reviewed several Vosteed knives and they’re all great and I do use them on a regular basis. With that
said, the Kansept Tuckamore is the beauty queen of the bunch. It’s got full titanium scales with a steel
lockbar insert. No steel liners at all. The blade is CPM 20CV, so not the most exotic knife steel available, but it does have great edge retention. The version of the Tuckamore I have also has shredded carbon fiber inserts and a Timascus pocket clip. The blade shape is a Wharncliffe and uber sharp right out of the box. Johnathan Styles’ design makes this thing look like a bird of prey, sleek, and elegant, but mean as hell. I don’t carry it or use it. I guess you would call it my safe queen, but in actuality, I have it on my desk where I can look at it and fidget with it while on the endless Teams meetings at work. One day I might carry it and use it, but right now, it’s more of an art piece for me.
Where to buyKansept Knives

Lex Strickland

Outdoor Edge Razor VX2 knife

Outdoor Edge Razor VX2 knife review – From skeptic to enthusiast in a day

The knife I most recently reviewed has become my favorite folding knife.
The Outdoor Edge Razor VX2 still has razor sharpness, the blade retainer still holds the blade tightly, and I have a supply of blade replacements if I choose not to sharpen the factory blade which is still on the knife.
Where to buyAmazon and Outdoor Edge

James Garris

Vosteed Nightshade knives

Vosteed Nightshade LT Pocket Knife review – the past perfected in the present

Vosteed Nightshade pocketknife review – three terrific new EDC knife variations

Back in 2022 I first reviewed the Nightshade, an EDC pocketknife with a leaf-shaped blade from Vosteed. It immediately became my favorite knife, and it continues to be so to this day. Earlier this year, Vosteed released three updates to the Nightshade. Two of them were variations of the opener, a thumb hole opener and a thumb stud opener. The third was the Nightshade Mini, a smaller version of the knife, and it became my favorite knife of the year. Oftentimes I want to carry a knife, but I want one that is smaller and bit more discreet. The Mini fits that perfectly, so I often carry it when I’m out and about.
Where to buy:  Vosteed’s online store

Issac Chongulia

Vosteed RSKAOS Titanium 3.46” Blade Folding Knife

Vosteed RSKAOS Titanium 3.46” Blade Folding Knife review – their best knife yet?

The Vosteed RSKAOS folding knife sports a beautiful titanium handle paired with a 3.46″ premium M390 Wharncliffe blade. When you hold the RSKAOS which is the knife child of RS Knifeworks (Rob Saniscalchi) and Vosteed you can feel the quality and attention to detail that went into the design. The RSKAOS feels so solid and functions so flawlessly that it easily became my favorite knife of the year. Combine that with badass looks along with a new top liner lock, flipper, and thumbhole deployment options and you get an extremely fidget friendly knife as well. Even though the RSKAOS is Vosteed’s most expensive knife at $249 you feel like you got a deal based on everything that it offers. The fact that it regularly sells out tells me others feel the same way.
Where to buy: Vosteed Store

2 thoughts on “The Gadgeteer team’s favorite knives”

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  2. I’ll go with the Outdoor Edge Razor VX2 knife!
    Razor sharp, easy to run over a sharpener or pop out a new
    blade. First time since the 90’s I’ve used anything but a SOG.

  3. Lawrence Clements

    The Outdoor Edge Razor VX2 knife is my choice.
    Sharp as a razor, simple to replace with a fresh blade or run over a sharpening. I haven’t used anything except a SOG since the 1990s. geometry dash lite

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