Vosteed Nightshade pocketknife review – three terrific new EDC knife variations

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REVIEW – Last year I reviewed Vosteed Nightshade knife, an everyday carry pocketknife, and it instantly became my favorite EDC.  Since that time, Vosteed has released three variations of this knife, so I’m back to provide an update.

What is it?

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The Vosteed Nightshade is an everyday carry pocketknife with a distinctive leaf-shaped blade.  It now comes in a multiplicity of lock types, openers, handle materials and colors, and blade materials and finishes.  Vosteed’s motto is “stay sharp, stay wild.”

What’s in the box?

  • One pocketknife
  • One cloth for cleaning the blade
  • One Vosteed patch
  • One Nightshade sticker
  • One support card


Nightshade TH

  • Liner lock
  • Thumb hole opener
  • Micarta handle (black or dark green)
  • Nitro-V steel
  • Black or gray stain or stonewashed finished

Nightshade TS

  • Liner lock
  • Thumb stud opener
  • Micarta or G10 handle (gray, black, or dark green)
  • Nitro-V steel
  • Gray or black stonewashed finish

Mini Nightshade

  • Cross-bar lock
  • Thumb stud opener (black or red)
  • G10 handle (black)
  • Sandvik 14C28N steel
  • Gray stonewashed finish

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The Vosteed Nightshade TS and TH knives have an overall length of 7.48 inches and a blade length of 3.26 inches, which is identical to the version that I reviewed previously; the Mini is only 6.31 inches long and has a 2.6-inch blade.  The TS weighs 3.58 oz, the TH 3.19 oz, and the Mini 1.78 oz.

Design and features

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In my previous review, I discussed the design origins of the Vosteed Nightshade in depth.  In short, it’s a remake of older Taiwanese knife known as a Shilin Cutter.  It has a distinctive leaf-shaped blade with a fat, curved belly and was known for being a multipurpose work-oriented knife that was often found in the kitchen for meal prep.  Vosteed’s version uses modern steels for the blade and newer materials for the handle.

Installation and setup

There’s nothing to set up.  Once I removed the knife from the box and gave it a gentle wipe down with the included cloth, it was ready to go.  These knives are all super sharp out of the box.


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Last fall I tested the LT version of the Nightshade that featured a flipper opener; since then, Vosteed has released the TH and TS versions.

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The primary difference between these knives is that the TH has a thumb hole opener, and the TS has a thumb stud opener.  There are other differences, as noted in the Specification section above.  For example, the LT is made from 154CM steel while TH, and TS are made from Nitro-V, and there are some different colors and finishes.  For most buyers, however, the biggest decision will be selecting the type of opener, and I think it’s great to have choices.

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The thumb hole is versatile, as it can be opened on one side with the thumb and on the other side with a flick of the middle finger.

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The thumb stud is more common and opens the knife with a simple pushing motion.  Both of these work really well, and which knife you purchase is really a matter of personal preference.

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Vosteed has also created a slightly miniaturized version of the Knightshade known as the Mini.  This pocket knife has the same basic shape and features as its older brothers but is shorter in length.

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It has a thumb stud for the opener that would probably be perfect for smaller hands.  Unlike the other Nightshades, it has a cross-bar lock.

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Some versions of the Mini, including this one, have some colored highlighting that gives it a unique look.  I like the bright red stud and jimping.

Here’s a video that I created showing the different openers in action as well as a look at the Mini.

What I like

  • More choices!
  • Same great pocketknife!

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

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Vosteed has been very busy lately creating new knives, and I’m glad to see that they are also updating their existing knives.  The TH and TS versions of the Nightshade are a pair of excellent releases, allowing knife buyers to get a great knife with their personal preference of openers.  The Mini is also a welcome addition to the Nightshade family, making the knife accessible to other hand sizes.  While the LT version with the flipper is still my favorite version, I’m also a big fan of the black stonewashed finish of the TH and TS.  Whatever style you’re looking for, I recommend that you pick up a Vosteed Nightshade.

Price:  Prices vary, but most versions are $69.
Where to buyVosteed.com or Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Vosteed.

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  2. Instead of a mini, I wish they would make an XL as the only complaint I have about this knife is that the handle is a bit small for my XL hands

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