Interesting gadget tips #2 – Using your electronic gear and gadgets in cold weather

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ARTICLE – Gary Bartholomew sent in a tip for using your gadgets in cold temperatures. This topic is relevant during the winter months, but it’s even more newsworthy right now due to the crazy weather that we’re having this week all over the US. It was -2ºF here in Southern Indiana this morning! Here’s Gary’s helpful gadget tip…

In some parts of the country, it’s cold. So bringing a cold camera inside invites humidity and a wet camera both inside and outside the camera. This is what I do.

Before going inside a warm room, I take out the SD card. Then I place the camera in a plastic bag wrapping and twisting it so that the humidity cannot get to it. It takes a while for the camera to warm up, but there is no chance of humidity forming on/in the camera itself.

FYI, I retired now, but many years back, I did commercial advertising photography. I had to photograph inside a below-zero freezer. A freezer big enough to drive a forklift into. All my power packs and cameras had to be put in plastic bags before I came out. Otherwise, the next time I turned on the electronic flash power packs, they would have shorted out the capacitors because of the humidity inside. (This was in Alabama)

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Ok, now it’s your turn. If you have some fun and useful tips for repurposing old tech or even new uses for your newer tech, send them to me (Julie), and if they are worthy, I’ll feature them in one of our next IGTs (interesting gadget tips) articles.

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  2. Here in the “Ozarks”, beautiful areas for photography, on the ground and the air (drone). When it is as cold as it has been the past week, (0 to -10, wind chills -30) this is my cold weather tip. I STAY HOME. LOL

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