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Time flies when you're having fun or at work all week not having any fun at all. Yay for the weekends when you hopefully have time to get caught up on all the news and reviews that we posted here on The Gadgeteer. Grab yourself a nice cold drink, get comfy in your stretchy pants [...]

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The German designed SOI bag light is a great idea for people who carry large gear bags, backpacks or tote bags. It's a 3 x 1 inch disc shaped LED flashlight that you keep in your bag. When you stick your hand in the bag to retrieve an item, special proximity sensors can tell when [...]

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If you're a fan of the Dark Knight, this Batman logo shaped mirror should be perfect for you. At least until your wife makes you take it down ;) The Batman mirror is based on the circa 2003 logo - if you keep up with things like that. It's made out of acrylic so it [...]

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I don't think anyone would argue that receiving a traditional greeting cards on your birthday or other occasion feels more personal than receiving an e-greeting card,  quick email or a text message. But let's face it, going to the store, picking out a card, addressing the envelope, finding a stamp and then mailing that card [...]

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We review a lot of backup batteries, but this might be the first one I've seen that has a built-in adjustable device holder. The Podium Style Stand features a 10,500 mAh backup battery with two USB ports so that it can recharge two devices at once. The backup battery has enough capacity to supply 200% [...]

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It takes almost no effort to get kids interested in technology because they are naturally drawn to gadgets and gizmos like smartphones and iPads. While playing games on these devices is a lot of fun for children, they don't learn much from the time spent gaming. What if kids could play and learn important skills [...]

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If you're reading this post, you probably share a common problem that all gadget packrats share. We have lots of devices but no good way to store them while they are not being used. I keep my older MacBook Air on the end table next to my side of our double Lazy Boy couch, Jeanne [...]

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Whether you have small children, dexterity problems or you just like to be prepared for potential liquid spillage accidents, SipSnap lids have you covered (see what I did there?). SipSnaps are colorful lids made of high-quality, food-grade silicone that is BPA and phthalate-free. The one size fits all lids can stretch to fit almost any [...]

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Most activity trackers on the market right now have been designed to only track steps, calories and sleep. But if your main form of exercising is swimming, regular fitness trackers won't give you accurate and detailed info on your workouts. The Activité and Activité Pop activity trackers from Withings can now automatically recognize if a [...]

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If I had unlimited funds and unlimited space, my gadget cave would be chock full of all sorts of geeky toys like these super cool Celtic dice from eondesigner, a designer on the Shapeways site. If you're not familiar with Shapeways, it's a marketplace site where 3D modelers can have their designs created and offered [...]

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Imagine turning your 60-inch flat screen TV into a full-fledged Windows 10 computer that you can use to surf, watch movies, play games and more. Sure you can connect your laptop or desktop to your large screen TV, but that's not a very elegant solution. The ARCHOS PC Stick is a computer not much bigger [...]

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We're back with a new batch of review updates from this year, last year and even a review from 2008 for a Black & Decker tool set. Good or bad, we will keep bringing you updates to our past reviews so that you can get an idea how some products continue to perform (or not) [...]

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If you have been lusting after a Misfit activity tracker but didn't have the extra cash to buy one, you will be happy to learn that Misfit has just released their new Flash Link tracker at the very affordable price of l$19.99. At that price, most people can afford to buy this unique tracker that [...]

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We hope you’re all having a great weekend. To make it even better, click through to see the full list of all the news, reviews and articles that we've posted this past week. Winston Sit-Stand Workstation review inCharge keyring charger review Havahart Spray Away Elite II review D-link HD WiFi Camera DCS-935L review Keep Pursing [...]

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I wish I could wear sunglasses, but I wear normal glasses with Transitions Optical photochromic lenses. That's just a fancy way of saying that the lenses darken when exposed to sunlight. They work fine but don't allow me the ability to change styles as easily as I could if I were able to wear regular [...]

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It's going to be in the 90's this weekend in southern Indiana. Ick. My plan is to stay inside with the AC blowing because I don't like to sweat. What do you do if you have to work or play outdoors when it's dangerously warm? Staying hydrated is important, but to keep your exterior cool, [...]

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Last year when I reviewed the Polar Loop activity tracker I found it to be neither a great or horrible fitness tracker. It tracked activity, but the inactivity alerts didn't work at all and the heart rate sensor only worked with a compatible chest strap.  The Polar Loop 2 is their newly updated version which [...]

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Smartphones are great for a variety of tasks, but for taking notes, nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper. Pen and paper don't need batteries, special styluses, etc. My favorite notebooks are small pocket sized offerings from Field Notes and Moleskine. I even made my own leather pocket notebook holder from leather which I use [...]

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We remodeled our basement living room about 5 years ago and continue to decorate it with framed pictures and other items. One thing Jeanne and I could not find was the perfect clock. She wanted something unique and I wanted something more traditional and easy to see. Since we couldn't agree on one, we've settled [...]

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Keep Pursuing's new KP Sling Bag is a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that launched today for what they are calling an Everyday Adventure bag. I call it a cross between a wallet and a messenger bag because it's designed to be part of your EDC - Every Day Carry. Note: Images can be clicked to view [...]

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