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The Tactical Holiday Stocking from ThinkGeek will bring a smile to any soldier on your shopping list. It is made of heavy duty nylon and features an array of gift attachment points including MOLLE straps, a hook and loop panel, pouch, attachment loops and a zippered compartment on the exterior. The stocking has two carabiners, [...]

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The market is so flooded with Bluetooth speakers that anyone trying to wedge another speaker into the mix better have perfect audio and unique features to attract attention away from the rest of the contenders. Today I'm going to show you the X-mini CLEAR Bluetooth speaker. X-mini should sound familiar to you. They are the [...]

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you have surely seen the movie trailer for Episode VII of the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The biggest buzz about this movie sneek peak is the awesome new lightsaber that has two mini lightsabers that project from the hilt after [...]

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It's that time of the week where we give you a list of all the reviews, news and articles that we've posted during the week. It's your chance to get your full gadget fix. Click through to see the whole list. Flote Orbit tablet stand review Garmin fenix 2 multisport training GPS watch review IOGEAR [...]

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My love for styluses goes way back to the good old days of the Palm Pilot PDA. If you know what that is, you'll also remember the plastic "toothpick" stylus that started it all. When the iPhone and iPad came on the scene the stylus disappeared for awhile because touch screens changed from resistive to capacitive [...]

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There are only a couple of gadget specific TV shows that I know of and Shark Tank is my favorite. I always love it when I'm watching the show and someone comes on to pitch a product that we've written about or even reviewed in the past. It's fun to see people who I've interacted [...]

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Many of you have asked for us to update our reviews with our experiences and thoughts weeks, months and even years after the review was originally posted. This way you will know if the product can survive long term. So you asked for it and now we're delivering. Here are the first batch of reviews [...]

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One of our regular readers sent in a tip about a very cute book for aspiring gadgeteer kids. It's called Harold and the Wimple-Dimple Dimmer-Wimmer by Carolyn Donovan and it's about a 7 year old boy who moves into a new house and finds a pile of junk (what his mother calls it) in the [...]

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   Do you have a bugout bag prepared for the zombocalypse or alien invasion? Every family has someone who is a hardcore doomsday prepper. While the rest of the family might roll their eyes, having a go bag or collection of gear for a potential emergency isn't a dumb idea. Tornado, ice storms and hurricanes [...]

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Picture this scenario: You are sitting in front of your laptop or desktop computer texting your friends on your smartphone using its onscreen keyboard. Most of us do this activity many times a day. But I know of a gadget that will make texting and emailing on your phone much easier and faster - especially if you're already [...]

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   Here are three gift ideas for your favorite world traveler. First of all we have the Biaggi Contempo 28″ Expandable 4 Wheel Spinner Upright folding luggage. I reviewed this bag last year and still love it. First of all, I like the fact that it's well made and has fully swiveling wheels which makes it [...]

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   Do you dread the holidays because you never know what to buy for your geeky significant other? Here are a few ideas that I know your favorite geek will love. First up is the Geek Fuel mystery box. What is it? It's exactly like the fruit of the month club only substitute cool geek stuff like [...]

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It's now officially the holiday season. That means you have to get in the holiday spirit - it's mandatory! Need some help? Ok, here's a contest with a wide assortment of great gadgets that you can win by just writing a simple comment to this post. If you're willing to jump through a couple of [...]

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We have reviewed quite a few surveillance cameras for your home like the DropCam, but this is the first camera I've seen that has been designed especially for use inside your car. No, the InfantTech Always in View Baby Monitor is not a dashcam which points outside your windshield to record your driving adventures, this [...]

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Is everyone still recovering from eating way too much turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? Or maybe you're nursing sore feet from your shopping adventures yesterday during Black Friday? Either way, it's time to turn up the Christmas music on the stereo, get comfy in your favorite chair and catch up on all our news and [...]

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The 3-in-1 Smart Box is a keychain attachable gadget that offers three different features in one tiny package. Just pair the 3-in-1 Smart Box with your Android device and install the free app to toggle the features on and off. Are you a forgetful person when it comes to your phone? You'll never walk off [...]

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Moleskine and similarly sized notebooks make great gifts for writers, doodlers and people who like to journal. A new notebook is one idea, but here are three Moleskine accessories that any writer would be happy to see under the tree this year. First up is is one of Moleskine's line of bag organizers. Available in six colors, these [...]

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   My commute to and from work every day isn't a very long one, but I like to enjoy that time driving by using my smartphone and other gadgets - all without touching them while I'm driving. One of my favorite add-ons is the iOmount iOauto Pro car mount. Although you can find all sorts of [...]

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From all of us here at The Gadgeteer to all of you, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your feasts today. I hope to try turducken for the first time later today and I'm also looking forward to a big piece of pumpkin pie slathered in whipped cream. Have fun eating and socializing, [...]

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Last year at this time, I took a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and ended up feeling that the device was too large for me. Funny thing is that not long after that article was posted, I started using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as my primary device. After a short adjustment period I got used to [...]

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