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Here's an interesting accessory for your iPhone 6 that will be fun to play with and educational too. It's the iPhone 6 60X-100X UltraClear Magnifying Microscope with Back Cover and Brightness LED from Brando. Just snap the special cover to the back of your phone and attach the microscope over the iPhone's camera lens and you're [...]

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Activity trackers are great tools to help motivate people to move more and get healthier. The only problem is that most of them are cost prohibitive for a lot of people. The good news is that Jawbone, one of the major players in the fitness tracker market, has just announced a sub $50 tracker. It's [...]

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There's nothing more tragic than taking badly lit selfies snapped with your new iPhone 6. Don't subject the world, Instagram, Facebook, etc with your dimly or overexposed duck-faced pictures anymore. Run, don't walk to the nearest Apple store and buy a Nova Bluetooth flash. This is a wireless flash made especially for the iPhone. It's [...]

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If you like to cook, you know that measuring ingredients is one of the important parts of guaranteeing good results. No one wants to eat something that is too salty, too sweet or too bleh. That's why good cooks use measuring spoons. The only downside to using measuring spoons is that you need a knife [...]

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I'm a big Star Trek fan and always wished that the holodeck was a real thing instead of a fantasy created for a TV show. The idea of being able to walk into a different world with a flip of a button sounds so cool. Imagine being able to visit the Sydney Opera House in [...]

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Bungee cables, I love them and I hate them. I remember using them all the time when I had a small pickup truck. I would use them to secure boxes in the back on trash day. Numerous times I was snapped by one of the cords when it slipped out of the hook while trying [...]

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The RETREEV Compact Retrieval Tool from TEC Accessories is a tool that any spy, ninja or MacGyver wannabe would love to add to their collection of gear. The RETREEV looks like a small flashlight, but it's actually a grappling hook that will fit in your pocket. It's made of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a [...]

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Early this year Smythe reviewed the first gen ChargerLeash, a smart USB charging cable that warned you when you left it behind so you wouldn't lose it while traveling. Now the same company has announced the 2nd generation of the ChargerLeash, the ChargerLeash Pro. Available with either a Apple 30-Pin, Lightning, Micro or 2-in-1 Apple [...]

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Are you feeling like you went a little overboard on sugar last night? I have just the remedy for your Halloween candy hangover. It's a list of all the reviews and news that we posted this week. So step away from the Reese cups and MilkyWay candy bars, pull up a chair and make sure you [...]

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Carabiners are handy clips that allow you to attach items together, but the Qlipter goes one step farther by combined a carabiner with a 360º hook. The Qlipter (say it like "clipter") is a multi-purpose tool made of a light weight, durable aircraft grade aluminum alloy. It is available in 5 colors and features a [...]

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I'm a diabetic who has been able to keep my condition under control through diet and exercise. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and since that time I've become pretty lax on checking my blood sugar levels as regularly as I should. Ok I'll be honest, I'm lucky if I check my blood sugar once [...]

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The Colonel Littleton No. 43 Mailbag Briefcase is a gorgeous shoulder bag reminiscent of the mail pouches carried by pony express riders from days before email and the internet. This bag is made in Tennessee of vintage brown polished leather with a very soft dry-milled leather flap that has brass shield on embossed with the bag's serial [...]

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Today's buzz is all about the Nexus 6 becoming available for pre-order, but at a sky high price of $649 for the 32GB version and $699 for 64GB, I'm not ready to take that plunge without trying one first. The DROID Turbo by Motorola, announced yesterday by Verizon Wireless and going on sale tomorrow, seems like [...]

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The TYLT VÜ Wireless Charger that Dave reviewed earlier this year is still my favorite Qi charger. I ended up buying one after reading his review and have been happily using it with my LG G3 on my night stand next to my bed every night. I'm happy to report that TYLT has just announced [...]

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It must be Fitbit day at The Gadgeteer because earlier this morning Janet showed us a fancy ladies pendant and bracelet holder for the Fitbit Flex activity tracker and now I am going to tell you about three brand new trackers that were announced earlier today. The Charge, Charge HR and Surge are the latest additions [...]

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If you enjoy playing games on your smartphone, the iPega Bluetooth Controller with Touchpad adds a traditional gaming controller to your mobile device for added fun and play-ability. The iPega which does not require any special drivers, is compatible with Android and iOS devices and features a built-in 2 inch touch pad. A special telescopic [...]

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Just in case you might have missed one of our posts, here’s a full listing of all the news, reviews and articles that we posted this week on The Gadgeteer. TYLT Energi+ Backpack review Ematic EGD172 7" dual core tablet with Android 4.4 KitKat review Arctic S111BT Bluetooth v4.0 speaker review Wellograph Wellness Watch review Tech21 [...]

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The Wellograph Wellness Watch is an activity tracker disguised as a fashionable wrist watch or visa versa. The Wellograph is a unisex watch that features a sapphire crystal, always on display and a heart rate sensor. Let's put it through its paces and see how it shapes up. See what I did there? Note: Images can be clicked [...]

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It goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway, that I love gadgets. I even love gadgets that I'd never buy and that have been designed to fix a problem that is best fixed with a solution that is much less expensive. Today's example is the Savel by Dreamfarm. What we have here is a colorful [...]

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Most smartwatches on the market are chunky, bulky and definitely not feminine. Enter the H.Tang smartwatch, which is currently seeking funding through Pozible.com. This smartwatch looks more like a fancy bracelet than a watch that can track your activity, calorie burn, display the weather and notify you when you have an incoming call or text [...]

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