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I must have missed the memo that we are only supposed to brush our teeth in a downward motion from the gum to the tooth and not constantly brush up and down, left to right. Brushing the way that I've been doing can contribute to receding gums and inefficient cleaning of plaque and other gunk... [...]

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I know it's summer right now and some locations here in the US are over 100°F in the shade, but it will be winter before we can turn around. Winter brings colder temps and high fuel bills. Instead of using a space heater to combat the chill, you might want to consider an Egloo. Although [...]

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The home appliances that we use every day continue to evolve as technology is improved. We have washers and dryers that can automatically contact the vendor when there is a hardware issue, refrigerators that are connected to the internet and thermostats that we can program with our phones. But the doorbell hasn't evolved with the rest [...]

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Amazon's second annual Prime Day event is July 12th starting midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). Prime Day is offered exclusively for Prime members and will feature more than 100,000 deals, making it the biggest Amazon event ever held. Existing and new Prime members will be able to find money saving deals in almost all shopping [...]

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This week I feature five crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo that have caught my eye for being unique and worth checking out. Click through to check out my list of this week’s notable Kickstarter projects. https://youtu.be/yJ0RQv8yh3E What is it? The Trayvax Contour is a US made metal and leather wallet that is part steampunk [...]

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Who wants a platinum, gold, silver or titanium wedding band when you can have a silicone wedding band instead? That's right, silicone. The same type of material that is used to make the wrist bands that declare your support for various charities and causes is being used to make rings. Why would you want a [...]

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Tomorrow we celebrate our country's 240th birthday. With the 4th of July comes cookouts and fireworks displays. I can't help you grill the perfect hamburger or steak, but I've got 5 quick tips that will help you capture memorable fireworks pictures with your smartphone.  You will definitely need a way to keep your phone steady. [...]

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We're revisiting 5 past reviews today with updates to our thoughts after continued use of the products past the day we originally posted the review. It's one thing to tell you how well a product or device performs after only a few days or week of testing, but it's even better to let you know [...]

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The Gadgeteer team was busy this week with a batch of review updates and 11 brand new reviews. We also posted a bunch of news about new products and notable crowdfunding campaigns. Now is a good time to make sure you didn't miss any of our stories, so  click through to see a full list [...]

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_imQEMMhw-o You know those tags on your new clothes that you immediately rip off and throw in the garbage as soon as you get home? You won't want to do that when you buy gear from Columbia Sportswear. The outdoor gear manufacturer is turning the paper tags that traditionally include washing and garment care instructions [...]

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The popularity of standing desks continues to grow, but there's one thing about these computer accessories that can be annoying to most users... the method of adjusting them up and down. Customizing the height as you fiddle with knobs or hinged locking mechanisms can be awkward and dangerous if you're not paying attention to what [...]

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Do you keep track of your car's fuel economy by calculating miles per gallon each time you fill up? Maybe you have a notebook where you manually write it down or an app where you record the numbers? Or maybe your car can constantly display it on your dash like my 2013 MINI Cooper. Do [...]

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Do you have multiple smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home? If not, stop reading this and go buy some. Then come back and finish reading this article. If you've installed several throughout your home, then good job. Your family is now protected. Or are they? Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can mean [...]

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Great pictures require great lighting, and that includes selfie pics. iPhone owners who want to capture that perfect Blue Steel pout should check into Pyle's new Lite-Me Selfie Lighted Smart Case for the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. The Lite-Me case features bright LEDs that are built into the case's frame and a 1750 mAh [...]

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Want to add a little more pizzaz to your rock anthem guitar solos? The Firefly looks and behaves like a traditional guitar pick that not only lets you strum guitar strings, but it also puts on an LED light show that is synchronised with your music while you're playing. The Firefly guitar pick features a [...]

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