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A light source is touted by many as an indispensable item, not only from an emergency survival standpoint, but also from an everyday utilitarian one. While many of us (incluing yours truly) would like to carry a powerful light source with us every day, it just may not be practical. With flashlight technology improving every year, [...]

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Look, I like big ol', voluminous backpacks for hauling my gear as much as the next Gadgeteer. But sometimes you only need to carry minimal gear and want to be subtle and stealthy, like a gear ninja. For those missions, the crowdfunded Betabrand Under-the-Jack Pack might be essential. Betabrand designed this ultra-slim backpack to literally [...]

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With Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens breaking records daily, the popularity of that Galaxy Far, Far Away is at an all-time high. So what better time for Betabrand to introduce their crowd-funded Smuggler's Jacket. Inspired by the jacket worn by everyone's favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder in Star Wars: Episode VI - The Empire [...]

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What if you could add not only a layer of protection to your iPhone, but also a set of invisible buttons to help you use your iPhone more efficiently.  That's what Boxwave promises with their ClearTouch SmartButtons screen protector.  Made from tempered glass, it boasts two invisible "buttons" at the bottom of the iPhone's face [...]

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Preparedness seems to be on the minds and hearts of an increasing number of folks these days. Whether you are a "prepper" getting ready for the doomsday scenario, a back-country hiker or a suburban warrior, an entire industry has been built around survival and preparedness. It's not always easy to carry survival gear with us, [...]

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PatchPALS review


Velcro®-backed patches have become very popular in some circles, especially within military and related communities where they are often called "morale" patches. Additionally, clothing, backpacks and other soft goods designed for military, police or similar occupations include strips of webbing that can be used as modular attachment points for the customized addition of pouches and other accessories. [...]

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Music is everywhere these days, thanks to its digital portability and instant availability on iPods, smartphones and other devices the world over. But the tiny speakers aboard these devices aren't exactly suited to rocking out loud.  That's why the portable speaker market has boomed (pun intended) the past several years, with wireless Bluetooth connectivity one of the [...]

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Have you ever been out for a night on the town, or even just in your own living room, had a drink or several and wondered just how many sheet to the wind you actually are? Breathalyzers have been around for many years, but have mainly been used by law enforcement and related professions more [...]

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Elliot Havok Watch review


What makes a great dress watch? Slim and lightweight, elegant simplicity, classic looks? I'd say all of the above. I've read that wristwatches are on the decline due to the proliferation of mobile phones with clocks which everyone seems to be carrying everywhere these days. But I happen to believe there is still a place for wristwatches [...]

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I'm a big fan of Casio's G-Shock watches; I've worn them for years and can vouch that they are some of the toughest watches in the world and packed with useful features. The latest G-Shock GB400 models include some new features that caught my eye. Bluetooth Smart enables linking between the watch and a phone for remote control [...]

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