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Are you a beverage drinker? Gotta have your java in the morning (like yours truly)? The travel container in which I carry my daily coffee works fine, but it does take up a lot of space in my EDC. That's one reason why stojo caught my eye. It's a 12-ounce (355 mL) beverage cup that collapses [...]

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Ever found yourself in need of a quick hose-down but you're nowhere near a garden hose? I have. After obstacle course races, GORUCK Challenges and other outdoorsy, get-muddy style events or activities, it would be great to have a quick rinse, but I typically don't have the luxury of being near a water source. The RinseKit [...]

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I'm a fan of simplicity and minimalism, but also of function and durability. The fellows from Grip6 must be kindred spirits because they put these elements into the design and construction of their belts. Grip6 belts consist of only a metal plate and a strip of webbing. That's it. No traditional buckle, no holes, no flap [...]

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I love wearing jeans.  About a year ago, my company relaxed its dress code from jeans only on Fridays to jeans every day. Every. Day. And my job satisfaction went up several notches. Shortly after this, I discovered the existence of jeans with a bit of stretch to them (which is helpful for guys who actually work out), [...]

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I like my hot coffee. OK, I have to HAVE TO have it in the morning. However, recently my buddy Brian suggested I try cold drip coffee. He'd rigged up some brewing method with some type of brewer designed for camping, but he swore it worked well for creating cold-drip brews. So when Julie provided [...]

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Do you miss your simple but fun childhood building toys like blocks or Lincoln logs? How about toys like train sets, dollhouses, model kits or dioramas? Two guys named Mat and Erik must have missed those toys too, so they created Mini Materials. What are they? Literally, all manner of itsy-bitsy building materials, including their original product, the 24-pack of [...]

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I'm currently a fan of the "minimalist" movement---the "less is more" or "simpler is better" philosophy. One of the areas in which I've applied minimalism is in my footwear. I have a couple pairs of minimal shoes---some trail runners and some casual/dress shoes---that I enjoy wearing because I love the feel of the ground beneath my [...]

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Do you ever find yourself out in the bush, operating in raw nature many miles from the nearest outlet, but you still need juice for a device or two? Check out the Poseidon Charger and Paracord Charging Cable from Dark Energy. The Poseidon is a 10,000 mAh portable charger that is IP68 rated, which means [...]

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We carry more gear and accessories all the time, much of it smallish items that we want to keep organized and protected from the elements. For this, the Magpul DAKA Pouch is worth a look. Made from polymer infused textiles with an anti-slip texture that are impenetrably welded on all seams and using a genuine [...]

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I don't have an Apple Watch. It's not that I don't want one, mind you. It's just that for years I've been wearing watches like G-Shocks that are water-, dirt-, and shock-resistant---really tough watches. And as much as I'd like to have an Apple Watch to pair with my iPhone, I just don't see the [...]

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Got trust issues? With people stealing your stuff when you're out and about, that is? I think we all do, to varying degrees. To assuage this tendency and actually keep our valuables safer, TrustBag might be just the product. While in appearance it looks to the casual observer to be a simple drawstring gym bag [...]

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Bellroy continues to push the envelope of stylish, well-designed, rugged wallets for adventure-minded folks. Building on their previous Elements line, Bellroy's latest Adventurer Collection of All-Conditions wallets look to be even more weather- and water-resistant with new zippers, zipper pulls and material (they've added a woven in addition to the water-resistant  leather) and packed with organizational [...]

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Do you feel that, "Pants pinch your jiblets and are clearly a sub-optimal part of any man's attire"? If so, you might want to check out Damn Near Kilt 'Em, producers and purveyors of---you guessed it---men's "sport utility kilts" since 2012. Damn Near Kilt 'Em's rugged, manly kilts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and [...]

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I'll just come right out and say it.  I'm a big fan of Bellroy's wallets. I've tried their Slim Sleeve and their Elements Pocket wallets and have really liked both of them (I still have the Elements Pocket in my regular EDC rotation).  When Julie gave me the opportunity to try out Bellroy's latest wallet, [...]

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Bluetooth headphones: There are a ton of them out there, right? Why review another one? Because we're The Gadgeteer, and that's what we do. I'd been on the hunt for a good set of wireless headphones for a while, so I was excited about Julie's offer to review one of the newer products in this [...]

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