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Flex-O-Loc key ring review


Key rings have been around for quite a while and a whole lot of us carry them in our pocket or purse every day, so there can't be a whole lot new with them, right? Not so fast, gadget fan! Have a look at Flex-O-Loc. It's a short length of plastic-coated cable that can hold [...]

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Remember those merit badge patches that you earned in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts?  Demerit Badges are like that, but a little more fun and a lot less serious.  There are dozens of designs in a dozen categories, including Outdoors, Americana and Vegas to name a few.  Each patch is 1.5 inches in diameter [...]

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Living in the Midwest, we get more than our fair share of inclement weather. As I type this, in January, it is -8 F air temp with -27 F wind chill. Brisk, baby. Well, more like painful. I've tried many types of winter coats over the years, but I hadn't owned a "puffy" coat since I [...]

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I'm a fan of watches, and of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Over the past several years, there have been many great-looking watches on Kickstarter, from burly dive watches to complex smartwatches. Now Elliot Havok, who has run several successful Kickstarter campaigns including the Quarter Century Belt and three versions of the Dash Wallet, have launched their Havok [...]

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SkinnyCharge V1 review


We lug our smartphones and other personal devices everywhere. But one of the drawbacks of the device features arms race---with larger display sizes, faster processors and connectivity speeds and other new features---is an ever-increasing need for power. My iPhone 4S's battery life had been steadily decreasing over time, so I found myself needing a boost throughout the [...]

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Ever wish your wallet was the perfect combo of thin, stylish, secure and durable? Yep, me too. I'd been on the hunt for such a unicorn for some time when I discovered that one my favorite wallet makers, Bellroy, had released their new Elements Range of wallets. Billed (see what I did there) as "Extra [...]

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I'm not much of a cyclist myself, but I am a big fan of the "Tron" films, particularly the newer "Tron: Legacy." The futuristic costumes worn by the characters inside their imaginary computer reality were way cool. When I randomly stumbled onto this Tron-Inspired Cycling Skinsuit from Podium Cycling, I had to share it. Due [...]

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"Funny us going out like this---killed by a 400-foot Marshmallow Man!" Of my favorite movies (and there are many), Ghostbusters has always been on my short list. It has action, ghosts, special effects and best of all, a near constant barrage of quotable one-liners from the top-notch cast. ("Tell 'em about the twinkie.") And while marshmallow-flinging [...]

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Wezel Wallet Easel review


I like wallets, and I also like items that are multi-functional, which give better value for their price as well as potentially enabling you to carry less stuff around. When Julie asked me if I'd like to try out a Wezel wallet, my first thought was, "A what?" I was immediately intrigued by the name and [...]

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We haul lots of gear 'round these parts, some of us more than others. I like my gear-hauling bags to be durable and multi-purpose, and to include at least a few organizational features. Oh, and to look good too. Cargo Works has several products that seem to fit those criteria for me. I recently had the [...]

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Portable gadget power is a constant need for many of us at The Gadgeteer and I suspect for you as well.  The TYLT ENERGI 2K Travel Charger and SYNCABLE-DUO Charge and Sync Cable seem to be a good solution.  The ENERGI 2K is a combination charger & portable battery, while the SYNCABLE-DUO is a charge/sync [...]

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Having a full fridge is actually a good problem to have, right? It probably means we aren't going hungry. But not having enough space in your fridge can be a bit frustrating at times. Brian Conti, creator of the successfully funded Strong Like Bull Magnets Kickstarter projects, is back with a new crowdfunded---and of course, magnetically-powered---product. The [...]

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The duffel bag has been done and re-done since it became a staple of military luggage---and later gym bags---forever ago. Crowdfunded Bomber Barrel was designed to improve on the classic. While it retains the recognizable cylindrical shape of the duffel bag, it also includes a combination of several useful and durable features: lightweight (390 grams) and [...]

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Wallets! The thinner the better, right? Tell that to George Costanza. In the meantime, thin wallets have been increasing in popularity for years and Allett, who "bills" themselves (see what I did there?) as the "The Original Thin Wallet" has been at the forefront. Their wallets are thin and lightweight and designed to help reduce the [...]

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For those who wear boots regularly, lacing and unlacing them can be a drag.  Properly laced boots can have a big impact your performance while wearing them, but sometimes you may need to lace them quickly. I stumbled upon TacLace (see what I did there?) when I was researching boots to wear during a GORUCK [...]

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We're fans of all manner of writing instruments as well as accessories to carry and organize them here at The Gadgeteer. When I stumbled upon the Nock Co.'s pen cases during their crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign a while back, I was immediately interested in their styling and utility---they reminding me of Tom Bihn's excellent travel items in [...]

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I've watched the TV show Survivorman enough to know that in a survival situation, sometimes having the right tool can mean the difference between life and death. The folks at SlideBelts know this too. They took their already innovative no-hole belt design and are amping it up with new survival-type features in a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign. In addition to [...]

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Peak Design ha built a company by holding three successful crowd-funded Kickstarter campaigns for their innovative Capture and Capture V2 Camera Clip mounting systems and Leash & Cuff accessories. Having reviewed the Peak Design CapturePRO a while back, I found it to be well-engineered and well-built and I was impressed enough that I wanted to [...]

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SCOTTeVEST, or SeV for short, has been producing their patented TEC, or Technology Enabled Clothing, since 2000. Included in a now extensive product line, the Travel Vest (the original SCOTTeVEST), boasted 24 pockets designed to hold all sorts of items for travelers, hardcore technology users or anyone with gadgets to carry on their person. SCOTTeVEST has [...]

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We're fans of Waterfield Designs (AKA SFBags) around here at The Gadgeteer, and we're also fans of wallets and pouches to hold our small personal items. Waterfield Designs teamed up with Australia-based ELEVEN vélo, a bicyling-focused design studio, to create this leather wallet sized to fit in your cycling jersey's back pocket. While in some ways a bigger version of their [...]

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