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Spotlight Gadget: Geekware

Cool and inexpensive gifts for your favorite geek made from recycled computer parts.

Spotlight Gadget: Infoscan TS Elite

A portable hand-held Scanning Pen and electronic English dictionary with an easy to use touch-screen and icon-based menu.

Spotlight Gadget: iTravl

Handheld language translation device that can translate your own spoken words or typed text to another language.

Spotlight Gadget: 8 inch WiFi Frame

800 x 600 wireless digital picture frame that can also display web content like news, sports info, weather, pix, etc.

Spotlight Gadget: Fling-ama-string Cat Toy

Keep your cat busy with this motorized toy.

Spotlight Gadget: e-Volve Holster

Carry your gadgets under your armpit and look like a real tool.

Spotlight Gadget: bluDANGLET

Do you have problems with your Bluetooth headset falling off your ear? The bluDANGLET is a leash for your headset, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Spotlight Gadget: RS800CX

New Polar watch that’s a high-end, versatile training management system for multisport endurance athletes – runners and cyclists who x-train, triathletes, X-Terra or adventure racers, etc.

Spotlight Gadget: Polaroid PoGo

Nifty little Bluetooth printer that uses special paper that requires no ink.

Spotlight Gadget: Backtrack

Small GPS device that lets you mark a spot and then nagivate back to it when needed.

Spotlight Gadget: TraveLite

Don’t be surprised during check-in, use this digital luggage scale before you leave home.

Spotlight Gadget: The FIN

Combination stand and handle for your Macbook that is made of aluminum.

Spotlight Gadget: IntelliScanner

Cool way to catalog your comic book collection. Has software for PC and Mac.

Spotlight Gadget: Zapi

Zaps the germs on your toothbrush with UV light.

Spotlight Gadget: Super Mini Cube Speaker

1 inch .8 watt speaker that plugs into a headphone jack and recharges via USB.

Spotlight Gadget: Mobigrip

Are you always dropping your gadgets? Then stick this handy finger loop to the back of your cellphone, camera, etc.

Spotlight Gadget: Sole’s DK Footbeds

Shoe inserts that will turn any shoes into Nike + iPod Sport Kit compatible.

Spotlight Gadget: Moshi IVR Alarm clock

If you’re tired of pushing buttons, you can control this alarm clock with your voice. Not just for silencing alarms either… you can set the time and alarm just by talking to it.

Spotlight Gadget: TED

The Energy Detective allows you to do real-time electricity monitoring.

Spotlight Gadget: Belkin Conserve Outlet

8 or 10 outlet power strip with a wireless power switch that can turn off all the outlets to save power. NICE!

Spotlight Gadget: inclinepro

Raise your Mac notebook with style.

Spotlight Gadget: XLINK

Allows you to use your cell phones with your landline phones or ditch your landline to use your cell phone with your landline system to make and take calls.

Spotlight Gadget: Marware Game Grip

Get a grip on your iPhone 3G, with this specially designed holder. Doesn’t add any special buttons, it’s just a holder.

Spotlight Gadget: Hot Shoe Level

Nifty little bubble level for your camera.

Spotlight Gadget: Flipbac

An angle viewfinder and LCD screen protector for digital cameras.