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Pretec CompactModem Review

The CompactModem from Pretec is a 56K BPS modem that fits into a compact flash slot. This small modem is therefore great used with a Palm-size PC. For this review, I tested the CompactModem with the Casio E-100 PSPC and a Libretto 50 subnotebook. Check Pretec’s compatibility list before buying this modem. Pretec’s CompactModem 56K […]

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Visionary 2000 Review

Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: Visionary 2000 Clear Flip Cover by Julie Strietelmeier Last date revised: 03/25/99 Accessories for the PalmPilot seem to be popping up all over the place and one of the latest is the Visionary 2000 Clear Flip Cover. This is not a case for the Pilot, but a screen protector. It

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Quicksheet 3.0 Review

Quicksheet by Cutting Edge Software is a powerful spreadsheet package for the PalmPilot. The software and manual come on a CD. The Microsoft Word formatted user manual (which can be viewed or printed) is clearly written and illustrated. Installing the included software on a PC is quick and easy. Installing the .prc file on to

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SpeedWay Racing Game for the PSPC Review

Program Requirements: Device: Palm size PC (may not work with your model due to direct screen access techniques. Read more about this below) 90 K free RAM Version 1.10 SpeedWay by Surerange and Jimmy is a top view racing game for Palm-sized PCs running WindowsCE. It uses special direct screen access techniques to create smooth

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WinCE Suit Neoprene Case Review

The WinCE Suit by MarWare is a neoprene zippered case that fits quite a few clamshell type PDAs.: Casio Cassiopeia, Casio A-20 Compaq Companion Hitachi HP 320 LX, HP 360 LX LG Phenom GP40M Mobile Pro, Mobile Pro 700 Philips Velo 1, Philips Velo 500 Sharp Mobilon HC-4500 PSION Series 5, PSION 3c, PSION 3a

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