Julie Strietelmeier

I created The Gadgeteer in 1997 as a fun way to share my passion for gadgets which began when I was a little kid. Some of my other interests include ukulele, photography, productivity hacks, and minimalism. Learn more about me and my favorite gear.

Avigo Review

Look out, here comes another PalmPilot type PDA.  This one is made by Texas Instruments and is called the Avigo. This machine’s target user is the mobile professional who wants instant access to contact information, schedule details, and spreadsheet info. The Avigo comes with 1 meg of flash memory (approx. 680K available for storage), 160×240 …

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Slippit Review

(This review has been updated with new pictures and comments due to E&B’s slight modifications to this case since my last review. The case changes are a rubber power button instead of a hard plastic button, addition of a belt clip version, and slight decrease in case thickness: about a 1/16th of an inch difference, and …

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