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I thought it would be fun to take a little stroll down memory lane. Today I want to take you back 10 years ago to two reviews that were posted right around this date in 1998:

Casio E-11 Palm-size PC review
Gameboy Color review

Can any of you remember owning and using either one of these devices? I really miss those days of the first handheld PDAs, back when each new model was exciting.

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  2. I still have my original gameboy and gameboy colour i have the clear purple colour

    Iagree with you on the PDA’s bit.

    [Edited at November 29, 2008 14:36:59 PM.]

  3. Jake:

    I no longer have an original Gameboy. I need to try to find one again. I still have the color and the DS… I actually don’t play with either these days. I’ve been using the iPod Touch to play games.


    If you are sad, why did you switch? :o)

  4. Not only do I remember I wrote a comment on the E-10. My batteries would only last for a few hours no matter what I tried. I think I was switching between the E-10 and the Palm III and the Palm ended up winning. I’ve gone back and forth between both for years but now have an iPhone.

  5. Casio? Bah. 1998 was the year of the Texas Instruments Avigo. Seriously, I wasted so much cash on that thing and I remember thinking the Avigo OS trounced Palm and WinCE at the time. The lack of an SDK (and any reasonable marketing) dug it an early grave.

    And yes, it made it onto The Gadgeteer as well. 🙂

    Then I got a Philips Nino. Those were the days.

    [Edited at November 29, 2008 20:24:13 PM.]

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