Ikea and Sonos team up for another bizarre Ikea product name – Symfonisk

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NEWS – Ikea, the king of unusual product names, and Sonos, the whole-house WiFi speaker gurus, have teamed up on a new product line called Symfonisk.

Planned for an August 2019 release, the Symfonisk line will offer two speaker products, a bookshelf speaker and a table lamp speaker. Both products are fully Sonos enabled and can be controlled via the Sonos control app.

The Symfonisk table lamp allows you to put quality sound in a room without just dropping in a speaker to clutter things up.  The lamp has a diffusing shade and can be used with another as a Sonos stereo speaker pair.

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker can be displayed or tucked away out of sight. It comes with hooks so you can hand the speaker on a rail, or simply place it on a shelf, vertically or horizontally.

Pricing is currently listed only in Euros.

The Symfonisk lamp is priced at $179 and the speaker $99. For more information, visit Ikea.

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2 thoughts on “Ikea and Sonos team up for another bizarre Ikea product name – Symfonisk”

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    1. Point taken, Angus – I should have run a translate on it. But, in my defense, names like Tullsta, Gamlehult, and Landskrona all have no English translation and don’t seem to mean anything. That’s been an Ikea staple in the US for years.

      Of course, product names in the US often don’t translate well in other languages, or they do with unintended consequences. Case in point, the Chevy Nova, that failed in the Spanish-speaking world, where Nova translates loosely to “doesn’t go”. 🙂

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