The Olloclip Mobile Photography Box set is the lens accessory your iPhone X deserves

Olloclip was one of the first ever quick-connect lens systems for iPhone featuring fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses. I owned the first version for the iPhone 4S. I really liked being able to attach different lenses to my iPhone. And I was able to take some really cool photos. Fast forward a few years to the all-new Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X. Like the iPhone’s camera, the Olloclip has changed and improved.

Using their new Connect X system (exclusive to the iPhone X) you can easily interchange lenses with just a snap. It unlocks with the push of a button and clips onto the iPhone X’s camera.

Choose from three premium multi-element coated glass lenses, Fisheye, Super-Wide, and my favorite the Macro 15x. The easy to use lens system intuitively aligns with both front and back lenses of your iPhone. This allows you to attach a lens to each simultaneously, which should definitely help up your selfie game. And the mount expands to work with nearly all screen protectors.

Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work if you have a case on your iPhone. However, you can purchase Olloclip’s own Slim Case for $30 if you want that extra protection.

The system even includes a Pendant stand that opens to create a pocket-sized tripod.

The Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X is available on Amazon for $99.99.

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2 thoughts on “The Olloclip Mobile Photography Box set is the lens accessory your iPhone X deserves”

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  2. >Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work if you have a case on your iPhone

    Who doesn’t have a case on their phone? This is a no starter if it requires a custom case to use (which isn’t included of course).

  3. Yeah, I had the Olloclip for my iPhone 4 and 4s and found having to pull off the case to clip it in to be the deal breaker. I’ve never seen a case that adapts to a lens that I’d want to use while it wasn’t attached. I have a great case for a telephoto lens (actually a monocular!) that is just awful, but the monocular is great without it! I’m even now trying to find a camera smaller than my Nikon D90 to carry on vacation that will give me zoom.

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