Time is etched on the surface of this sculpture

Or time is at least “etched” on the face of this clock.  The Etch Clock has a dark peacock-blue elastomer face that displays the time with numerals that appear to have been chiseled into its surface.  Using patent-pending technology, the surface reconfigures itself with each time update.  The 16″ x 16″ x 2.5″ Etch Clock and its aluminum bezel can be hung on a wall or can stand on a tabletop.

Using the app (iOS and Android), you can set the clock to display 12- or 24-hour time.  You can also have the clock wipe to a smooth surface every 30 seconds before displaying the updated time, and you can have it do the wipe/update only when it senses sound or movement.

The Etch Clock is serious artwork, and its price reflects that.  The MoMA Design Store sells the clock for $1950.00 or $1755.00 for MoMA members.

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