The Gourmia IoT Cool-Cooker has something other slow cookers don’t

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gourmia cool cooker

Before I fell in love with my Instant Pot, I used a slow cooker to cook chickens and roasts while I was at work during the day. The only annoying thing about using a slow cooker (aka crock pot) is that I’d have to get up earlier than usual to put all the ingredients in the cooker. I don’t like getting up in the morning, so getting up even earlier does not make Julie a happy camper. But the new Gourmia IoT Cool-Cooker might be the holy grail of slow-cookers because it not only cooks your food, but it keeps it cold BEFORE it starts cooking it.

The Gourmia Cool-Cooker has a built-in refrigeration unit that keeps everything cold before it’s time to cook. You can add all the items to the cooker the night before, like meat and vegetables and then control it later from anywhere with an app on your phone to start the cooking process. The Gourmia Cool-Cooker can even be controlled using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

The Cool-Cooker is a 6-quart 11-in-1 cooker that can bake, make rice, roast, yogurt, porridge, slow cook, keep food warm, sauté, steam, and sous vide.

There isn’t any pricing info at this time, but the Cool-Cooker will be available at retailers later in 2018. More info will be available at

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