Nellie’s WOW mop will help you power through cleaning

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This cleaning tool isn’t a robot, but the WOW mop from Nellie’s is a rechargeable, powered mop.  A powerful motor oscillates two pad holders on the bottom of the mop up to a thousand times a minute to make short work of dry or wet mopping your floors.  It’s safe for hardwood, tile, and ceramic and other floors.

The rechargeable mop has a built-in 2000 mAh, 35 W lithium battery that keeps you cleaning for about 55 minutes between charges.  (Recharge time is 3-5 hours.)  The long grip handle helps save your back, and two LEDs on the front help illuminate the area to be cleaned – especially helpful under furniture.  And speaking of under furniture, the handle is attached to the powered mop with a joint that pivots to all angles so the mop fits under most every piece of furniture.

The WOW mop comes with a set each of dry cleaning and wet cleaning cloths; the cloths are machine washable and can be reused up to 100 times.  A 200ml reservoir holds cleaning solution for wet mopping.   Of course, Nellie’s recommends you use their Floor Care cleaning solutions with the WOW mop.  And just like Nellie’s laundry products, their plant-based floor cleaners are environmentally-friendly.

The WOW mop (with cleaning cloths) is $189.00; a mop bundle adds two bottles of Nellie’s Floor Care cleaning solution and other products and is $229.00, and replacement pads and additional cleaning solution is available from Nellie’s website.

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